Thursday, September 21, 2006

In the beginning god made yarn. And it was good.

WHEEEEEE! Look at me! I'm blogging!

After much TALK of creating a knit-blog, I'm finally taking a bite out of that big ole' bullet and gettin' down to business! So, why a knitting blog? Why now? Allow me to explain myself... As of late, I have become OBSESSED with knitting. I've been an avid knitter for a few years now, but recently...I don't know what the hell is wrong with me! It's become all-consuming! I blame....the INTERNET!

You see, up until recently, I've been a bit of a knitting loner. I have a few friends that 'dabble' in the craft, (a scarf here, a hat there) but no one really knits as consistently or frequently as I do (at least, not yet). I needed someone to share my 'yarns' with. I needed co-conspirators. I needed inspiration! Then I found the holy trinity: podcasts, websites and blogs (oh, my!). One site led to a blog, which led to a podcast which led to another blog, which led to a forum which led to a website... you get the idea. Next thing you know, my usually very patient and understanding boyfriend had had just about enough of the yarn-speak. It was time to branch out. I needed real-live knitters to chat with - for the sake of my relationship!

Enter: the Stich n' Bitch.

I live around the corner from an absolutely fabulous little yarn store - Lettuce Knit. I know, LUCKY, right? So why had I not attended their weekly knit-night before? I have NO IDEA. Okay, I have no GOOD idea. I guess it's the anxiety of showing up as the newbie in what could already be a tight-knit (excuse the pun) circle of friends. Silly, but I'm sure we've all been in similar situations. In desperate need of social interaction with other knitters I had to suck it up. And was it painfully awkward? Of course not! Well,... I DID bring wine - Ha!

Of course the lovely people at the Stitch n' Bitch were incredibly welcoming and friendly. And now I'm actually speaking face to face with the people CREATING these wonderful podcasts and websites and blogs (oh, my!).

Next step: create my own damn blog!

After all, knitting and blogs go together like needles and yarn. In the future I plan on letting you all know what I'm working on, sharing my hard-earned knit knowledge and most likely - asking a lot of questions! Bear with me as I figure out this technology. Just you wait and see - before long this blog will be all tarted up like a Texan on Tuesday! (Don't worry, I don't know what the hell that means either. It just sounded good!)

Miss Muffy.

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Maria said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. You know what, bringing wine always helps! Thanks for the link.