Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fear of the deadline

The clapotis is slowly taking shape:

I even reached the first section of dropped stitches - Wheee!:

What I really need to do is give myself a deadline for this project. (lord knows I can’t get diddly-squat done without a deadline) I’ve got a date in mind, I just don’t want to commit. I should probably just do it. I should probably just tell you the date. I should probably stop writing sentances that don’t tell you the deadline, and write one with the deadline. I should probably stop procrastinating. You wanna know the date? Okay, I’m gonna do it. Ready?

November 3rd 2006.


I did it.

Now I actually have to do it! All three people that read my blog will be horribly let down if I don’t meet their expectations! What am I even doing writing this? I should be knitting! I should stop typing right n


fibersnob said...

The middle section goes fast so I wouldn't worry about it. You don't need to eat, sleep or shower for a few days do you? LOL

Erin said...

Make it four people reading your post! Don't worry, I'm a horrible procrastinator. I told myself that I would finish the back of a sweater last week and I haven't even started the neck shaping! So don't be so hard on yourself!

Michael said...

I have a November 2nd deadline! (well 3rd... but I like to have some wiggle room). I guess I should go buy the yarn...