Monday, October 23, 2006

Good enought to eat (or knit?)

Just when I thought wedding season was over, I got suckered, oops! I mean invited to another bridal shower. But I kid - I don't mind going to these things. Especially considering this one is actually in Toronto! (Don't get me started about the great ontario wedding tour of summer 2006!)

With bridal showers come bridal shower gifts. What a conumdrum! Buy something household related and risk giving the same gift as grandma? Buy something racy and risk looking like a pervert? I think I'm going to do a little of both. So this evening I'm going to work on turning this:

Into this:

Oh you really do have a pattern for every occasion!

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fibersnob said...

OMG, that's classic. I've actually considered that for a wedding shower gift once but found out the bride's church's women's league was throwing the shower and I wasn't sure that would fly....

Please post pics!!