Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Honeymoon is over


I finally complete this big 'ole sweater project, and now I don't like it. If you check my last post, I waxed poetic about the virtues of patience and knitting things correctly. Then I told you how my reward was this great sweater I would actually wear.

I lied!

Okay, not exactly, but I'm no longer thrilled with the results. It's too drapey! It bugs me! When I wear it, it looks like this:

Not bad right? That is, unless I move. Then it looks like this:

You might think I'm crazy, but it drives me nuts. It flops all over the place! Life is too short for flacid sweaters! So basically, I only like how it looks when the jacket is 'closed' (The pattern doesn't have buttons or anything, so it doesn't actually close). I've only worn it once and I tugged at it so much trying to keep it in place I started stretching it out of shape altogether. Gaah! So what I need here is 'closure'. I think I'm going to try adding frogs. You know, the kind of closures on chinese jackets? Buttons wouldn't work (The sides aren't supposed to overlap) and a zipper would be horribly, horribly wrong. Another option would be a tie of some sort. I don't know - I'll try both ways and keep you posted.

After mourning my sweater, I knit up a quick scarf out of the Cascade I picked up on sale last week:

I used a simple broken-rib type stitch pattern:

It's a little short as I only had one skein, but it gets the job done. Just in time too! Brrr! My bike riding days are numbered!

What's up with my other projects? My Clapotisis but a few inches long. I already have to rip back a few rows because I forgot to increase a stitch somewhere. Ooops! I don't quite understand the pattern yet, so it requires a lot of concentration (ie: not to be knit while watching tv). I'm going to put some more time into it as soon as I complete at least one sock. After all, it IS Socktoberfest! I've turned the heel (badly) last night and am anxious to see how my very first sock is going to turn out. I'm thinking of the first one as 'practice sock' and the next one as 'for keeps' sock. I figure it will take the pair to finally understand this sock-making business.

Now to find the next sweater project...


Miss Muffy


amy [Knitty] said...

do not sweat it. add a closure. use a shawl pin.

it's GORGEOUS, and there's no law that says it has to stay perfect without a little assistance.

CATHY said...

What is your problem!!?? It is fantas-great. Seriously, I am super proud. I expect to see you wearing it soon, so I can see if it's weird or not.

fibersnob said...

Try one of these! It looks great.