Thursday, October 26, 2006

knickers in a twist

I'm sorry to inform you that the purple licorice thong is no longer with us. A moment of silence please...

Waah! My first attempt at knitting 302 calories appeared to be going well:

(sorry for the crap photos)

And then this happened:

Breakage! So, I thought maybe I should try to knit a little looser. I loosened, the licorice knitted, all was well. I was nearing the end and decided to take a step back to admire my handi-work. Wha? The licorice had broken again - in two places! I didn't think it was easily disguisable, so (with kid gloves) I cast on a third time. Third time's a charm, n'est pas?

Success! I sweat like I was diffusing a bomb while adding the finishing touches. The licorice is finicky to say the least. After the thong was...well, thong-ed, I carefully placed the licorice on some waxed paper, brushed it lightly with oil (I read you should spray it with cooking oil to help prevent it from drying out), and packed it in a box. Success, right?


24 hours later I checked on it. I found this:

GAAAH! Damn you licorice rope and your stubborn refusal to be knitted! It just disintegrated! On to plan B - I'm making a new, non-knitted, thong out of candy necklaces. I just don't think licorice is my medium (although I do enjoy eating my mistakes!). Thank goodness it's Halloween time - edible-lingerie supplies abound!

As for my 'real' knitting... I already regret giving myself a deadline. What was I thinking? The 3rd is only a week away! I think the clapotis is about 1/2 finished:

but it's going slow. I finally 'get' the pattern now. This means I keep getting too cocky and (inevitably) screwing up. I'll forget to do the drop-stitch part and just keep on knitting. Eventually I'll catch it, but then I have to 'unknit' back a few rows. Un-knitting blows! Sigh. Two steps forward, one step back. Despite my snail like progress, I'm not writing off the deadline. Yet!

I started my second sock (of my first ever pair) last night at S'n'B. I'm certainly learning a lot by hangin' with some more experienced knitters. Megan, owner of Lettuce Knit suggested knitting a couple of rows straight before joining in the round for the cuff of my sock. Genius! Wrangling a bunch of teeny-tiny dpn's is much easier when you've got a little meat n' potatoes to work with, y'know? Then Elizabeth (a ridiculously fast and experienced knitter) helped me choose a stitch pattern to knit a scarf out of my accidental angora purchase:

(Cue choir of angels) It's Fleece artist hand-dyed 'Peter Rabbit' (the picture really doesn't do it justice). Ooops! I didn't mean to buy it! I was just sitting beside the display and it just sort of... happened. Megan told me I could easily knit a scarf out of a single skein and it all went downhill from there. I'm such a sucker for angora! It has that wonderful halo of fuzz surrounding it that just screams 'touch me!' And I don't care what you may say about your newborn - this stuff is definitely softer than a baby's behind! (Baby rabbits excepted, of course)

Miss Muffy


The Nutritionista said...

Sorry that thong thing didn't work out. Don't ever knit me one of those. That Angora wool looks sooooo yummy though!

Yvette said...

The colour choice for your clap is amazing!. Go ahead and turn it over. I'd love to see this yarn purl side out as in the original pattern.