Monday, October 16, 2006

Sock it to me!

Check me out y'all! First sock! In yo' face!

This pic was taken at midnight last night right after I dragged out my trusty stitch n' bitch book to look up how to kitchener stitch the toe. I must be improving as a knitter (it's about time!) because it's my first attempt at a new skill that turned out... just dandy, thank-you! Although, the perfectionist in me is a little bothered by the sock's curious appearance when not on my foot:

It looks like a boomerang! It's all scrawny and looks...malnourished - like an Olsen twin! It fits just fine soI can totally live with it. Who's going to be inspecting my socks when they're not on my feet? Besides, I can totally justify the shape. I didn't really use a pattern to knit the sock - I used the Socks 101 guidelines from Knitty. It turns out - socks are pretty simple! On top of that, if you've got a tape measure and a calculator - bingo! You've got yourself a custom fit sock. So the funny looking sock is a direct result of my funny looking feet. Duh! I can live with that. Some people would kill for spindly ankles!

Miss Muffy


CATHY said...

I want a pair of these please.

Miss Muffy said...

I'll put you on my x-mas knit list!j

fibersnob said...

Socks always have this weird alienish way of looking when they're not on feet. A sweater laying there looks like a sweater but socks never seem to look like anything that resembles clothing. They look great!