Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dear Santa:The Knitlist

Ah, the holidays! The month of December never fails to whiz by in a frantic blur of booze, sweets and retail madness. For a knitter ( or ''passionitter', yes, I'm coining a term) it can mean one of two things: a time to find oneself entangled in a sea of overly-ambtitious gift-knitting insanity, OR a time to compile a comprehensive wish list of knitting stuffs to pass on to those unfamiliar with the knitting lexicon.

I am attempting to find the delicate balance between the two.

I have begun my Christmas knitting (or 'non-denominational winter holiday' whatever floats your boat). I'm attempting to be smart about it. I have a 'priority' list, and a 'bench' or 'second-string' list. The priority list consists of people that will EXPECT knitted gifts from me this year. These are the people who will appreciate whatever mis-shapen, hap-hazzard, lumpy masses of yarn I may take to gift wrap and place under a tree. These are the poor non-knitting souls who have to sit through blab after blab about knitting. You know who you are. It's okay dearies - you will benefit in the end, I promise. I may have gifted you with knit-goods in the past, but hold on to your hats folks - I'm a much better knitter this year!

The 'second string' list consists of those 'if I have the time' people. Do not confuse them with second class citizens - I love them just the same, but I have done my research. I understand that you cannot just knit for anyone and expect kudos. There are many delusional souls out there who cannot fully understand the socio-economic importance of a knitted gift! These people are on my gift list, but not on my knit list. These wooly items are not obligatory. These items can be easily substituted with Blockbuster gift cards or pre-made gift-baskets from the Body Shop (or "last-minute-thoughtless-gift-emporium" according to Todd Barry). The people on this list will be just as happy receiving hemp hand lotion as they would a hand knit scarf. I could go on and on about my feelings toward gift giving and thoughtfulness and the commercial ridiculousness of the holiday season... but I won't. I'll cut to the 'meat and potatoes: ie: what to buy ME!

Miss Muffy's Shameless "buy-me-this-and-I-will-build-a-temple-in-your-honour" List:


- DENISE INTERCHANGEABLE knitting needle set (the special pink set for Breast Cancer would be awesome!)

I need to upgrade the sticks. For the record , all of my knitting needles are either A) ancient duplicates my mother has given me or B) thrift store finds. My needles have serviced me adequately thus far, but alas, I am no longer satisfied with just 'adequate'. I have champagne taste, what can I say?
Good alternatives to the set: Knitpics Options, Addi Turbos (the only size I have is 6mm any other size would be lovely), Lantern Moon needles


- A ball winder!

Winding yarn by hand is for suckers.


- A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker (Schoolhouse Press, June 1998)
- VOGUE knitting or INTERWEAVE Knits magazine subsciptions

These would keep me busy/happy for months. Seriously.


If it's a natural fibre, I'll probably like it: wool, alpaca, cashmere, angora, mohair, silk, soy, cotton, hemp... the list goes on.
Colours I like: Anything that would be considered a 'jewel-tone' : cranberry, deep teal, olive, emerald, raisin, deep purple...and I always love natural 'oatmeal' type shades, as well as grey, brown and black


I prefer supporting local yarn shops over ordering from the internet, but that isn't always possible. The bonus for you, gift giver, when shopping at a local yarn store, is personal service. If you walk into a store with a list and a bewildered look on your face, a friendly knowledgeable staff person will be there to hold your hand and guide you through the colourful mountains of yarn and pointy sticks. Be not afraid.


So what are you waiting for? Go play Santa!


fibersnob said...

Great idea to post a list. I don't know if I'd tangle with Brad over the Baby Ull though....

Diane said...

I truly enjoyed this post!!