Thursday, November 23, 2006

K.U.I. : Knitting under the influence

I suppose I should know by now that when knitting something even remotely complex, one should not a) engage in stimulating conversation or b) imbibe alcoholic beverages. This knowledge somehow escaped memory when I packed a nice shiraz and a lace scarf in my knitting kit to bring to last night's S'n'B.

I am growing weary of constantly knitting/unknitting/knitting this thing. I feel like I'm on a some sort of horrific knitting treadmill: I run and I run, but alas, am still in the same place. It reminds me of this:

Thank goodness I took this picture on the weekend which documents my progress:

(New Interweave - Yay!)

It has indeed grown since Saturday. I would not have believed it without the proof .

My Clapotis would probably still be on the needles if I hadn't given myself a deadline, so perhaps it's time to give myself a little incentive:

I shalt not casteth on a new knitting project until this scarf is complete..eth.

Hmm...Why do I get the sense this will be a short scarf?


nicole said...

oooooh - I too, have fallen into many a muddy pit after drinking wine & trying to knit something that wasn't straight stockinette stitch. I feel your pain. And also - your unplying machine! so smart!

denny Mcmillan said...

I love Pee Wee ...really really , I wanted to marry him.I dressed-up one year as a Penny cartoon. I love Pee