Saturday, November 11, 2006

New York, New Yarn

Last Friday I boarded a (tiny) plane to New York city to attend my 3rd anual WFMU record fair. (Yes dearies, I do obsess about other things other than knitting - my record collection outweighs my yarn stash...for now.) WFMU is a fantastic freeform radio station in New Jersey. Check the link on my sidebar to access their site where you can stream a live feed, or (even better!) peruse their extensive archives. There really is a show for every musical taste, several of which are podcast - great to knit by! But I digress...

When I wasn't nerding out at the record fair or dragging the bf to clothing stores, I went in search of yarn. Amy gave me some great tips! The first place she recommended was Kinokuniya, a huge Japanese book store. Now, they don't sell yarn, but they do carry a large selection of Japanese craft books. COOL! I picked up a great knitting magazine, as well as a little book with patterns for adorable crocheted toys:

I am SO making one of those little stuffed dogs! They're so sweet just looking at them gives me cavities! Of course this will require wading through the Japanese instructions, but they're mainly diagram-based so I shouldn't have too much trouble. ( In a pinch, I know a girl who could translate for me. I'll bribe her with cutesy crocheted toys!)

After Kinokuniya, I headed to School Products. I was told if I only had time to visit one yarn shop, this was the one to hit. Unfortunately, I hit it on Sunday. It was closed. Boo! What a let down! Later that day I found myself in Soho, and decided to ease the pain a bit at Purl:

Too bad the photo says 'hurry up and take my picture' instead of 'thank god I found yarn'. (It does however prove I finished my Clapotis in time to wear in NY). Purl is a great little store which I'm convinced is the Manhattan equivalent of Lettuce Knit. They had a small, but beautiful selection of yarn, great service and a really nice welcoming atmosphere. I was doomed - I was not leaving empty-handed. Here's the haul:

The top skeins are Farmhouse Yarns Andy's Merino in a fabulous ultra-deep burgundy colour called 'Boysenberry'. (Bonus: When I inevitably spill wine on it, none will be the wiser!) I Luv-Luv-Luv the picture of the sheep the wool came from on the label; thanks for the fleece, Andy! The fluffy white stuff is Blue Sky Alpacas Brushed Suri (67% baby suri/22%merino/11%bamboo). Mmm...fluffy. Me thinks she will become a jaunty beret! The last is a skein of Koigu KPPPM. I know, I know! It's Canadian yarn! But now it's special Canadian yarn because I brought it back home, right? ( If you don't buy that excuse I've got a whole string of ways to justify it, so just shush!)

Monday I finally made it to School Products. Believe it or not, I actually had to be pursuaded by my (fabulous, patient) bf to make the second trip. (I didn't want to drag him to any more stores he had no interest in - let alone drag him to the same place twice!) That being said, he didn't exactly have to twist my arm:

Spools of Italian cashmere confuse me:

I had never bought yarn by the pound before. It required mathematics:

Perhaps my haul here isn't as schmancy as what I got from Purl, but hey - it wasn't from lack of choice. Besides, I got deals!

The top is 5 skeins are a very soft 'mystery' black yarn I found in a bargain bin. I was told it is 90% wool 10% acrylic. (I know I've recently professed 'snootyness' toward acrylic, but 10%? C'mon! I'm not that much of an elitist!) The colourful skein in the middle is hand-dyed 20% cashmere/30% silk/50% merino. Yeah, I know. Can you say luxurious? I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but it will certainly class up the stash until I figure it out. The fuzzy stuff at the lower left is my best deal: just over 1/3 of a lb of brushed cashmere. (It's actually a nice rust colour, I'm not sure what's up with the photo). It should be enough to knit a sweater with once I separate the plys - but that's a whole other story. All told, School Products was a great store. They had lots of deals and the place was dripping with cashmere. What more do you want?

Whew! Well, that's New York in three stores! I owe the bf big time for being so patient and understanding (I must remember this every time I'm forced to sit through an episode of 'Cops'). Also, big thanks to Amy for pointing me in the right direction. (Navigating my way to a closed store: entirely my fault)

Happy Knitting!


Diane said...

what an awesome trip...enjoy your new stash!

The Nutritionista said...

YOU are the cutest. For real.

Anonymous said...

You really are.


P.S. I was in yer house while you were away (bwahaha). But don't worry! I was not there for long...though I was there long enough to note that your apartment is still AWESOME.

nicole said...

Wheee! Thank goodness you left a comment on your blog or else I wouldn't have found your blog! it's great! The Odessa hat will be a breeze for you. Also, WFMU! I'm also a fan.