Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh dear

With my Clapotis deadline looming like a dark cloud overhead, I'm beginning to fear the worst. Not only might I miss the deadline, but I might be coming down with a cold. Aghhh! The whole purpose of the deadline was to wear my beautiful new Clapotis during my mini-vacation in NYC this upcoming weekend. Now, not only is the probability of wearing said scarf rapidly diminishing, I may have to traipse around Manhattan with the sniffles! Last night I had the following early warning signs:

1) uncontrollable sneezing combined with nose running like racehorse
2) Strong urge to take long bath (keeping in mind I only take baths when a: under the weather or b: a shower is unavailable)
3) No desire for second glass of wine (those that know me well understand this is a serious indicator that something is amiss)
4) No desire to knit (!!!)

I loathe being sick. As appealing as it may be to stay home from work, wear pajamas all day and watch Oprah, I would rather have my health. Illness is a waste of my time. So... I fought back. I pushed away the wine glass, put down the knitting and got in the bath. Echinacea and vitamin C was chased with water by the gallon. Bedtime was early.

This morning I awoke late, but... okay. Superstition prevents me from saying I've won the battle, but at the very least, I believe I'll get some knitting done tonight. I've just completed the first round of decreases on Clapotis. I have one full evening of knitting before I leave. The heat is on!

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