Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Bender

Pattern: Bender Rodriguez from Stitch
Yarn: Various vintage sock and sweater yarn from thrift stores
Hook: 3.00mm
Notes/Modifications: I opted not to crochet in the stripes on his arms and legs because they are worked in spirals and the stripes couldn't line up. I embroidered the details on later.
He's stuffed with standard poly-fill and I created a wire armature inside to make him pose-able. Again, I should have used a smaller hook to make the fabric tighter so the stuffing wouldn't show through so much.

Soph did a great job creating the pattern. The details! Six little fingers!

Tiny eyeballs!

It took some patience, but I'm very pleased with the result. Especially when the few people who have seen it say; "Omigod! It's Bender from Futurama!". It's being gifted to my co-worker today - hope they like it!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rein(deer) on!

Pattern: Rory the Reindeer ornament from Roxycraft
Yarn: Mayflower Cotton 8
Hook: 2.75mm
Mods/notes: Would use a smaller hook to tighten up the fabric if I were to crochet another one

My bright idea to crochet snowflake ornaments for last minute gifts fizzled out rather quickly. It seems the crochet skills needed to make lacy snowflakes are a little beyond me. With no time to be teaching myself new tricks, I moved on to plan B: amigurumi! This little pattern is quite easy and totally adorable. If I were a more experienced "hooker", I could have probably whipped this off in a couple of hours. Being as green as I am, it took two whole evenings! In the end, it was well worth the effort. I put little Rory here in my office gift exchange and won a prize for most "stolen" gift. (It ended up going home with some guy from the sales department I don't know at all.)

People in my office were absolutely flabbergasted that I had made the reindeer. "You made that? How?" They reacted like I was Chris Angel or something! Is it really so strange to make something with your own two hands rather than pick up a gift card at Starbucks? Mind you, these are the same people who never cook, and don't believe it's possible to live without a car. (If they were blown away by a little crochet, I probably shouldn't tell them I make my own breakfast cereal and I walk forty minutes to work everyday.)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Son of a...

...Stitch n' Bitch!

Just when I think I've had an original idea.

A pattern from the new Son of a Stitch 'n' bitch book, circa October 22, 2007:

My original(?) "El Yarno" circa June 10, 2007:

I know the book,(and it's subsequent designs) was probably in production well before El Yarno, but...

Interesting huh?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Keep on Truckin'

On the second week of knitting my progress came to be..

... a partial sock for Daddy

... a quarter shawl for Mummy

... a disembodied Bender...

..and a par-TRI-idge in a pear tree!

Yup, x-mas crafting is getting dramatically scaled back!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Instant Hat - Instant Grat...ification

Much like the universe, Gretel is ever-expanding. When I finished knitting the hat, I thought it was a little on the large size, but I decided "enh? It's supposed to be slouchy, right?". Either the hat is growing, or my perceived size of it has. Either way, I feel as though I've been wearing a rasta hat, and something had to be done.

With no time to re-knit the thing (the Christmas knitting! The Christmas knitting!), I opted for plan "B": knit a replacement at the speed of light.

Pattern: Aspen Hat from Twinkle's Big City Knits
Yarn: Twinkle Soft Chunky
Needles: 15mm addi turbos
Mods/Notes: Magic Loop-ed her

I am not a fast knitter. On top of that, unwieldy 15mm monster needles hamper my knitting style, making the process even slower. Despite all that, I don't think this hat took much more than an hour to finish. Whee!


- Bender has two arms to go with his legs
- The swallowtail has been knit, mangled, ripped back and re-knit (essentially rendering the time I last spent with it useless outside of "learning")
- I cast on some socks for my Dad and knit the toe

Unless Christmas gets postponed this year I'm totally editing my gift list!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Hello? Fall? What happened to you? It seems like yesterday I was kicking brightly coloured leaves down the sidewalk and now I'm worrying about what to wear to my office non-denominational-winter-holiday party. What gives? I feel like we skipped a season! Unfortunately, the missing season is the very same one when a knitter begins to make a list, and check it twice.

The Christmas knitting!!!

Ah, Christmas knitting. I told myself this year, I was not going to knit anything for anyone unless they expressly asked for a knitted gift. Then I decided I would just crochet some little presents for my co-workers. Then I thought, well, I'll start some gifts for my family, and if I don't finish them by Christmas it's not a big deal because they all have birthdays early in the new year. Then I thought I'd do a little stash busting and knit hats and slippers for my friends. Then I thought I'd should crochet snowflake tree ornaments to have on hand for last minute gifts... You can see where this is going. My Christmas knitting quickly went from zero projects, to this:

- 4 amigurumi toys
- 1 (small) lace shawl
- 1 pair of socks
- 2 hats
- 2 pairs of slippers
- 2 baby sweaters
- several crocheted snowflakes

And that doesn't include non fibre-related holiday crafting or personal knitting. Heh-heh. Prioritization is in order. (Not to mention unlimited free time, but I'm hoping that will somehow just appear out of thin air.)

Here's my progress for week one:

has two legs.

A swallowtail shawl has been started and is now only big enough to qualify for, um, intimate apparel.

And a new cardigan for me. Wait, what? That's not on the list! After starting a crochet project and a lace shawl, two things that are very new to me, I craved some somewhat mindless knitting. Let's not forget my last two sweater projects have ended in disaster. I deserve to be a little selfish with my knitting time now and again, right? Besides, what if I want to watch a movie with subtitles? The sweater is this:

From the pattern in this. I'm attempting to convert the pattern to a mostly seamless construction. I realize this might detract from the idea of this project being "mindless" and "sure to be successful", but I've never been one to make things easy on myself.

What have I got myself into?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Some knitters tend to pooh-pooh scarves as beginner projects. I can't say I agree with them, as there are certainly a lot of schmancy scarf patterns out there, but at the same time, I don't often find myself dreaming of my next scarf project. Then winter comes and my neck gets cold, and last years scarf doesn't match this years jacket and suddenly - a scarf must be knit and must be knit fast!

PATTERN: Diamond Scarf from Twinkle's Big City Knits by Wenlan Chia
YARN: Manos Del Uruguay 100% wool - 2 skeins
COLOUR: Jungle - 101
NEEDLES: 15mm addi turbos
MODS: Doubled the yarn - no fringe

At long last I knit myself a scarf from my long neglected Manos. After so much Twinkle frustration, I felt I was owed a successful FO from the book. And here we have it!

The diamond pattern gets pretty lost in the multi-coloured yarn, but I wanted something wide and mesh-y and that's exactly what I got! The width is perfect, though it could stand to be a bit longer. It's most definitely long enough to wear, and the openness of the pattern makes it nice and cooshy. I may eventually add fringe in a co-ordinating yarn, but for now it's going directly into high wardrobe rotation.

Next project? This:

I'm dusting off the crochet hooks for some quick Christmas presents. Hope I remember how to use them!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snow Day!

Today I woke up to this:

Crap! I knew I should have put away the patio furniture! (The photo doesn't do it justice but that was freezing rain) To be more specific, I woke up to my clock radio announcing school bus cancellations. Whee! Snow Day! I took advantage of our unseasonably cold and snowy weather to stay at home and knit.

I picked up the 15mm's, popped in a movie and knit I did. And knit. And started a new ball. And finished that ball. And... yup. I ran out of yarn. In the back of my mind, I knew I was going to run out of yarn, but I just kept knitting. Hell - the pattern I was knitting told me I didn't have enough yarn, but I chose to ignore it. (I'm beginning to think I have some kind of knitting related learning disability.)

In the end, it wasn't such a bad, well, end. This made me stop, put my live stitches on a holder and try on the sweater. Verdict? Not so good. Firstly, the sweater was too big. (Okay, sure, it's super bulky yarn and the design has big puffy sleeves, but nonetheless: too big) Second, even if I were to knit the smaller size, I suspect I still wouldn't like the fit. I think I may have finally learned my lesson with the chunky knits. I say "may have" because let's not forget how slow I am to learn.

Frogged. Wound. Good-bye fair knitting:

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Jury has spoken

Belle it is!

I cast on Saturday night, and I'm well over half-way complete, despite having to run out and buy a new set of needles (12mm seems to be a very unpopular size).

I can't tell you how much I love this yarn. ...Okay, yes I can! I LOVE THIS YARN! Even knowing that it will probably see more pills than Marilyn's last days (the actress, not the sweater), I love it all the same. It's unbelievably soft - something that seems to be missing in the super-bulky yarn department. It has this squishy cotton ball type quality that makes me want to build a nest with it (Mmm...yarn nest). In the meantime, I'm happy to use the yarn for it's intended purpose, click clacking away with my surgical looking 15mm addi turbos.

To bide my time while awaiting the poll results, I cast on a couple of other tidbits.
The first, the "house slippers" from Knit 2 Together. My first felting project! The pattern is a great stash buster (I knit the yarn double) and despite a slightly confusing section in the pattern I finished them up in no time. Not owning a washing machine meant the fulling process would be a little more challenging. They languished in the laundry pile for a few days, but eventually the slippers enjoyed a full cycle in both the washer and dryer. Here are the slippers before:

Here they are after.

What the...? They hardly look any different at all! And they're knit from Lopi, possibly the stickiest of itchiest of wools! Given all the time and care I put into not turning my woolen garments into big lumps of felt, I feel a little cheated that these slippers survived the wash virtually unscathed. (Not to mention my boyfriend did the laundry. Usually a sure-fire way for a girl to get shrunken clothing.) I assume the lack of appropriate felting was a result lack of appropriate agitation. (For the slippers that is. My agitation is just fine.)

While it's back to the laundry pile for the slippers, I'm also working on a scarf:

This is the second time I've picked out a Barbara Walker pattern and attempted to knit up a scarf with this yarn and for the second time I'm just not feeling it. What I am feeling is the chill of the rapidly approaching winter. If there's anything that can motivate a knitter, it's the threat of a cold neck. As blog as my witness, this yarn will become a scarf this winter!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Game on!

The cable and rib dress is no more. I really don't have any issues with ripping it out. Sure I spent a lot of time knitting it, but what's the point in holding on to something I'm never going to wear? Plus, now I can make the yarn into something that I WILL wear. And that means more knitting! Win/win!

I'm playing a game of match-the-yarn-to-the-sweater. Here's the yarn:

Here's the sweaters:

I can't say I'm winning. Some of the yarn is from thrift stores, and while it came with labels, they're old-timey:

Old-timey labels don't tell you yardage or gauge (at least these don't). So I've got twelve ounces of this stuff. Great! Thanks label! After many calculations and educated guesses I just bit the bullet and went with the tried and true: the measuring tape. Now I know that one ounce = 65 meters (and one helluva tedious measuring process.) Now it's swatchy time!

At least I know the yardage with my Twinkle yarn, yet I'm having trouble deciding on a pattern. Maybe you can help me out?

My vote for most figure-flattering:

Belle Cardigan

My vote for most fashionable:

Shopping Tunic

My vote for most practical:

Rockefeller Sweater

What's your vote?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

20 lbs in 20 seconds!

No, it's not a miracle diet. Allow me to explain.

I have been dressing myself for close to 30 years now. I watch a lot of What Not To Wear. I like to think I dress fairly well, and I try to stay away from trends that will not work with my body shape. So why dear readers, hast my knitting forsaken me?

I put a lot of thought into choosing this pattern. I thought it would be flattering. Unlike many women, I am not pear-shaped. Quite the opposite. All of my weight is in the top. I'm upside-down pear shaped...unh...Ice cream cone shaped. I know this and I try to work with it. I was sure that the ribbed upper portion would hug the curves I like (*cough* chest) and the cabled bottom portion would round out my less than ample hips and bum.
I was SO. WRONG.


I put this on and my self esteem packs it's bags and runs out the door. I look like a big woolly sausage! A sausage with a uni-boob! Why am I posting such a terribly unflattering picture of myself on the Internet? (That's the job of my family and friends!) Because I'm shocked and amazed at how the wrong piece of knitwear can add 20lbs to your frame in 20 secs. This is what I look like under the offending wool monster:

I'm no waif, but certainly much better, no? Although, I swear I usually wear pants. (I don't consider leggings pants, contrary to what a lot of women on the street are wearing these days.)

The Drops Cable and Rib dress is destined for frogsville. What have I learned? Considering I'm thinking of casting on a new Twinkle design: absolutely nothing. The Shopping Tunic I've been hoping to knit for ages breaks all of the What Not to Wear rules for girls shaped like me:

High neck? Not for those with larger chests. Bulky knits? Only for the slight of frame. Horizontal stripes? Okay, I'd be knitting the solid version, but everybody knows the dangers of stripes, right? I just have a bad habit of falling in love with the style of something and ignoring how it may fit me. Considering the yarn was free and it's a quick knit, I might just cast it on anyway. (I'm either terribly stubborn or a terribly stupid). Stop laughing and wish me luck I won't have to post about the sausage's second coming!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh Baby!

Now that baby Riley has seen fit to grace us with her presence, I can finally reveal my secret baby knitting!

First off, another pair of baby uggs:

As much as I love this pattern, I find it infinitely frustrating that one skein of the faux suede yarn yields exactly three baby booties. This means you either end up with one pair of booties and a partial skein of rather useless novelty yarn, or you buy two skeins and knit 3 pairs of booties. Good thing my friends keep getting knocked up!

The next project was my vacation knitting. I cast on at the airport:

(Yes, the wine drinking began before landing in France. Heck, the bar was right beside our gate!)

Did a little train knitting:

(I swear I didn't wear the same shirt the whole vacation!)

And voila!

Pattern: Classic Baby Cardigan by Debbie Bliss from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Colour: 005
Needles: 2.75mm, 3.25mm Addi Turbo Lace needles
Notes/Modifications: The original pattern has a contrasting colour around the collar. If I were to knit it again, I'd add another row or two of garter stitch at the edges to prevent curling. I might also devise a way to knit it in one piece - top down perhaps? I knit the sleeves and fronts two at a time to make sure they were the same length.

I really like this little sweater! It was a little bit fussy, as it's knit in pieces then joined together at the yoke, but well worth the effort. The yarn has great stitch definition, usually a plus, but in my case it only served to define my sloppy knitting:

Oops! It is exceptionally soft though, and the fact that it's machine washable is more important to me than anything else. (Cashmere is beautiful, but I don't want to send my friends to the dry cleaners every time the baby spits up!) I'm also quite pleased with my button selection - if I do say so myself. The buttons I bought in Lyon work perfectly with the colour!

When I returned home to find the baby was still a no-show, I thought I'd use the leftover yarn (and leftover time) to make a matching hat:

Pattern: Baby Hat with Leaf Edging
Yarn: See above
Needles: 3.25mm addi turbo lace needles (magic loop)
Notes/Modifications: I don't really like the way the border flips up. I have it flipped up further than the pattern picture shows 'cause it just didn't seem to sit right. The pattern has you knit reverse stockinette for the portion that overlaps - I think this was the problem. Maybe garter stitch would work better? I'd have to experiment.

Speaking of experiments, how's this for innovative blocking:

Globe style light bulbs are conveniently similar in size and shape to baby-noggins. Bonus - if you turn the lamp on, the heat from the bulb helps dry the yarn!

With a couple of days to go before meeting the new arrival and still an ample amount of yarn left, I cast on one more time:

Pattern: Better than Booties Baby Socks by Ann Budd
Yarn: See above
Needles: 2.25mm thrift store dpns
Notes/Modifications: I ended up working an "interpretation" of the pattern by working the cable twist every 5th row instead of every 4th. I used the short row heel and toe method from the instructions, but if I were to knit them again I'd just use my preferred method. The slightly heavier weight yarn meant the socks were a little bigger than the pattern suggests, but enh? Who cares? Babies, grow, right?

There you have it folks! Now the knitwear lies with it's rightful owner. (I met little Riley last night, she sneezed on me, it was grand). How frustrating to knit in secret for so long and then blow four finished projects in one post! Please savor them!

Friday, November 09, 2007

C'est Tout

It's been a week since I returned from France and reality is setting in. Bread seems lackluster. Wine consumption is low. I've seen far too many people sporting sweatpants. On the upside: there's knitting!

I saw exactly two other people knitting the whole time I was in France. One lady, knitting a fine gauge fair aisle baby hat, I spotted at the airport. A French knitter? She may have spoken French, but alas: Quebecois. She turned out to be a fellow passenger on my flight - a Canadian. The other knitter was spotted on my train from Monaco to Paris. She was knitting away at a hideous orange scarf with what seemed like 10 different kinds of novelty yarn. Yikes! I thought French women were famous for their fabulous taste in scarves! Upon further inspection (giving her a once-over while on my way to the loo) it appears she wasn't French at all, but Italian (no offense to Italian women and their taste in scarves). I know knitting in France is not as "cool" as it is in North America, but I thought I might spot at least one in her native habitat!

The serious lack of French knitters may explain this little number:

A child's sweater hanging in the window of a Paris boutique. So what, right? The nice thing about window shopping in France, is that the prices are always displayed as well:

270 EUROS!!! That's $373 Canadian dollars! Now I know we've all seen something in a store and thought; "I could make that", but c'mon! It's a garter stitch cardigan! Even in cashmere it's overpriced!

But I shan't bully the French. They may have great food and great fashion, but their knitterly deficit has them paying through the nose for baby garb. Quel Dommage!