Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas round-up continues!

At long last, I've taken pictures of the gift I knit the BF this x-mas. Knowing full well of the dreaded "sweater curse", I chose to knit him something I was 90% sure he would wear: Convertible glove/mittens!

I used the Broadstreet Mittens pattern from Knitty, and vintage sock yarn I found at a thrift store. This was my first glove project, and it really wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated. Using black yarn on the other hand - I now understand why my mother steadfastly refused to knit with black! It was worth it though - he likes them, and more importantly, he wears them!

On the receiving end, Santa brought me a set of Denise Interchangeable needles!

Okay, by 'santa' I really mean 'my brother'.

I was doubtful that anyone would be able to find the special pink (for breast cancer) set for me, so I was thrilled to find them under the tree. I've already put them to use, and so far, so good! The needles have great pointy tips, and the case is overwhelmingly more neat and tidy than a big tangle of circular needles. I have a feeling I'll be using these a lot.

I just finished my final 'gravy' x-mas gift (I'm well aware that Christmas was two weeks ago, thank-you) and pics will be coming soon. I can't wait to start knitting for myself again! Sweater, and mittens and sock - oh, my!

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jae said...

ah, denise. i love her. the only problem is, i have so many WIPs that i can never find all my needles anymore!