Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Size Matters

Well, at least in knitting it does. Ah, the ever alusive "guage".

Remember my big 'ole hat from a few posts back? Well, my bulky beret was proving to be a little too bulky. After wearing it for a week I realized it was hampering my ability to move my head, thus hampering my ability to look both ways before crossing the street, thus a serious problem indeed for someone who commutes on foot.

At first I lied to myself; "It's supposed to be oversize! It's from a Vogue pattern! I don't care if it's ridiculously large! They know fashion!" Unfortunately, as much as I strive to be a snappy dresser, I am smart enough to know when fashion is overshadowing function.

Being one of the only patterns I had knit using the suggested yarn, I didn't bother with a guage swatch. Besides, it can be tough to count stitches over a pattern! So I didn't bother with a guage swatch. Plus, it was a hat! So I didn't bother with a guage swatch.

You can probably see where I'm going with this.

After measuring my hat, then cross-checking with the guage in the pattern: Good grief, Charlie Brown! My bulky beret was FIVE FREAKIN' INCHES bigger than it was supposed to be! How can this be possible with the suggested yarn and suggested needles? How can a suggestion be so horribly, horribly off?




I now have a decidedly smaller bulky beret which doesn't interfere with my peripheral vision. Yet another reminder to respect the almighty guage swatch!


I am a very silly blogger. I recently switched my comments setttings to the thingimehoo in Blogger that allows you to preview them before publishing. (I had recieved an unsolicited comment - try to sell stuff on my blog, will ya?!) Lately, I've been wondering why no one seems to be commenting on my blog. Am I speaking to no one? Doesn't anyone have any interest in what I have to say? Am I really so unloveable?

I forgot I actually had to read and publish the comments.

Gahhh! Sincere apologies to everyone who has commented in the past while. I love getting comments! Keep 'em comin'!


Anonymous said...

yowza - you are one talented miss!!

Anonymous said...

so purty! It's like we're living parallel hat lives...only mine is sucking right now.

Anonymous said...

Comment, comment, comment....there!

NO really, the hat looks a lot better. I did notice the stiff-neckedness the last time I saw you.

Diane said...

nice bulky yarn...must be toasty for the sub-zero temperatures in T.O.

Marina Sokolova said...

uuu what a cute hat :)