Saturday, January 20, 2007

Voila la petite chemise!

How's that for incorrect French? Allow me to translate: I've finished the baby sweater!

It's all blocked and ready to get zippered (see my last post for pattern/yarn info). I'm all over the finished objects this week as I also completed my mum's birthday socks:

They are uber-soft but alas, not very sturdy. The are meant to be slipper-socks, so I suppose I shouldn't worry too much about wear and tear. I hardly think mum will be running any marathons in them anyway.

My quest to find an appropriate pattern for this yarn: still ongoing. After swatching, it seems the pattern I had in mind isn't going to work (unless I knit it double, in which case I probably won't have enough yarn.) On size 6.5mm needles I get about 3.5 sts/inch. (If I find a good jacket like pattern I would knit on smaller needles for a denser fabric.) The yarn is fairly rough, so I'd like to knit some kind of heavy cardigan or coat. Does anyone have any suggestions?

For now I'll just plug away at my orange sweater. So much orange... so much more knitting...


Diane said...

ahh, chemise et tres cute!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, i am trying AGAIN to leave a comment. that sweater is SO cute--is it for Chris & Erin?

I see you in the leopard-trimmed baby here (or maybe the cape!) for that other yarn:

I desperately want to do this one myself, though it is likely too advanced for me: