Wednesday, January 10, 2007

W.I.P's and one big honkin' hat

Time for a little update on the works in progress, the works out of progress, and the works soon to be in progress.

In the "hot of the needles" category:

I finished my Odessa hat as a late Christmas present for a friend (the so called "gravy" x-mas knitting). I made a few mistakes throughout , but after a light blocking things look a little more even. (Don't be alarmed by the large lump on the bottom right side - that's my ear!) It's knit from yarn left over from my Clapotis: Rowan Tapestry #173: "antique".

With yarn I got with my Lettuce Knit gift certificate, I knit me up one of these puppies:

"Bulky Beret" pattern #26 from Vogue Holiday 2006. It marks the first time I've knit something with exactly the same yarn called for in the pattern. I even used the same colour (Blue Sky Bulky Hand Dyes)! The super-bulky yarn made for a super quick hat - a two movie knit. I finished just in time too, as winter seems to have finally reared it's ugly head. This beret is so ginormous and cozy I'm sure I could make it through any blizzard mother nature has up her sleeve. As an added bonus: Giant hat = giant lack of hat head. Fabulous!

Still on the needles?

The brushed cashmere sweater is coming along nicely....

I managed to finish the back and one sleeve before growing bored. I've made a promise to myself to finish it in time to wear this winter, but I need to give it a rest for a while. Endless stockinette with fiddley scrawny yarn isn't all that fun. I'll get back to it though, I swear!

And last but certainly not least, birthday socks for mum:

I'm using the Cowgirl Slipper Socks Pattern from Interweave Knits Winter 2006, and Misti Alpaca yarn. Soooo soft.

Soon to be on the needles? I'm swatching to see if I can use for my x-mas Lopi yarn:

for this coat:

It's a pattern from a 1968 McCall's Needlework magazine. I hope I can get it to work! I'm also looking to cast on: a sideways knit scarf and a hooded baby sweater.

Can you tell I've had some time off lately?


Anonymous said...

That coat is the shiz!!

jae said...

i'm really into that odessa hat - thanks for mentioning it. (toques are my thing, after all - i've knit myself 4 sweaters now that don't really fit, so i've gone back to safer projects.)