Saturday, February 17, 2007

Birthday booty continues!

Though I received many fabulous gifts from many fabulous people this birthday, I wasn't exactly inundated with knitterly gifts. So, I took it upon myself to rectify the situation. You see, every year my wonderful parents place a tidy sum of money in my bank account for the purpose of buying myself a birthday gift. Fine by me! I would rather have cash than a big bag of mystery loot I never wanted in the first place. Unfortunately, every year, the money appears and, well, disappears. It mingles with the rest of my moolah and winds up being spent on things like bills and groceries and rent. The horrors!
This year I decided to make a point of buying presents with the money. Yipee! After purchasing a "totally practical" pair of shoes, I sent myself to Lettuce Knit:

Twinkle's Big City Knits! I'm not usually great purchaser of pattern books. I have a hard time finding one with enough patterns I want to knit. This one is an exception (see pics here). So many lovely chunky things! As an added bonus, it has a pattern suitable for the Lopi yarn I've been dying to use:

I'm hoping this super-bulky, super-quick knit will be a good counter-balance to the painstakingly slow progress on my brushed cashmere sweater (which by the way, is seamed and awaiting the knitting of it's cowl neck). Jumbo yarn requires jumbo needles, so I picked myself up a set of these puppies:

(yes, this IS actual size!)

Enormous addis! These needles are so giant everyone seems to have an opinion on what else they look like. Medical/IV device? "Marital" aid? I also picked up a set of 'swing' needles by River John Needle Company (in the top picture). Needles that 'swing', huh? The 'swing' comes from the fact that the needle ends are removable, making them usable as both straight, or double points. Neat, huh? Of course, I can't help making jokes about 'swinging both ways', but COME ON! They're totally asking for it!

Now drag your mind out of the gutter and take a look at the marvel of nature:

As much as I've been cursing the recent frigid temperatures, sometimes mother nature just gives you a kick in the pants. Californians may have beach weather all year long, but how many get to wake up to this beautiful frost painted on their windows? (Bear with me, I'm trying to be optimistic)

Happy knitting!


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Diane said...

is it stll -40 in T.O.???? Pleased to see that your b'day moolah was well spent. Can't wait to see the finished products from the book.