Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Block Schlock

As much as I believe blocking is the definition of tedium, alas, it is a necessary evil when it comes to sweater knitting.

Baby's first bath! (Also a fantastic reminder that burnt orange should never be worn with mint green)

I was lucky enough to get home early from work yesterday, so Oprah helped me through the pinning process.(Dr.Oz tells us why a Brazilian wax is perfectly harmless!).

Now that I have perfectly flat sweater pieces waiting to be perfectly (or at least adequately) put together, I thought it perfectly (or at least adequately) reasonable to start new projects. Woo-hoo!

See those swatches taking a bath with the sweater up there? I'm hoping I'll get gauge so I can jump on this bandwagon:

I got a boatload of cheap, somewhat raw wool at a catholic commune (of sorts) last summer. How I know about the place is a long story (I didn't live there!), but they have a great thrift store, book store and gift shop. The yarn they sell comes from sheep they raise on their property. It's pretty rough, but totally fine for something not worn close to your skin. Enter: Phildar swing jacket (thanks for the pattern Cara!).

I'm also trying to get a version of this out of two skeins of the loveliest wine coloured merino from Farmhouse Yarns.

I'm fully aware that this sweater looks strikingly similar to something else I just knit. So, sue me! I likes what I's likes!


denny Mcmillan said...

i'm so going to sue you.

my lawyers, your lawyers, they going to be talking man.

I swear don't even think of casting on.

See you in court young missy.

Reckless Glue said...

I can't wait to see how that Phildar jacket turns out. And then *I* can hassle you for the details when I make mistake after mistake on it.