Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Twinkle twinkle little mar

Oh Twinkle, what are we to do with you? I instantly fell in love with Twinkle's Big City Knits and like all good love stories, this one is not without it's hiccups. It wasn't until I sat down to cast on a sweater from this book that I noticed something something a little off with the sizing.

The instructions for the Best friend Cardigan had sizes for S (M, L). Okey dokey, I'm usually a small so let's just check... oh. Apparently the corresponding bust measurements are 28" (30 1/2", 33"). Woah! I guess I'm a large now? Knowing that womens clothing sizes are nothing if not inconsistent, I cast on for the largest size and headed off to Wednesday's Stitch n' Bitch.

After hearing other people complain about the teeny tiny sizes in the book, I did some further investigating. Let's look at other patterns in the book, shall we? Chelsea Sweater: SM = 28" bust, Hampton's Halter: SM = 25" bust, "Twiggy Tunic SM = 22" bust ... What the..? There is no way these sizes were meant to correspond to women's bodies! No. Way. I'm sure even an Olsen Twin has a ribcage bigger than 22"! I went back and scoured the book for sizing information.

Finally, on page 78 I notice this:

Each pattern provides knitted measurements, which is what the garment should measure when laid out flat. You should choose your size (XS, S, M, or L) based on the following bust measurement.

30-31 32-33 34-35 36-37

Ah-ha! Well, that information would have been helpful, I don't know, maybe at the beginning of the book? I was now knitting a sweater which I had thought might turn out one size too small, but now turns out to be one size too big. It's a real shame that the sizing isn't clear in the patterns. I'm sure a lot of people have picked up this book, only to put it back on the shelf after seeing the puney sizes.

As for me? Twinkle and I are back in love after starting over in my new "medium" size:

You gotta love the quick pay-off of giant-size knitting! This shows the progress from just one Audrey Hepburn movie.

Earlier in the week I got back in touch with an old flame: Stitch n' Bitch Nation. Tired of old man winter blowing up my sleeves, I cast on the "Hurry up Spring Armwarmers":

One down, one to go! Another quick knit - fabulous! There are a couple of mistakes in the chart though, so if anyone is planning on knitting a pair of their own, I suggest checking the errata to save a lot of head scratching.

From the same book, I've started a Loop Pillow:

Mindless knitting at it's finest! Someone at Stitch n' Bitch mentioned the stitch pattern would make a good bathmat. Genius! I'll put that in vault for later.

Last but not least: The orange cashmere sweater is complete! Finished object - Yay! Pictures to come soon...


Reckless Glue said...

wow, I'm so glad to see this...I was also seduced by the twinkle book, only to discover the sizing issue and became seriously pissed off--There was one of those patterns that had the size lg. listed as a 28 when I was 12 I *may* have had a 28 bust. But I dunno, even the large as a 36 now may be a stretch for me and my porno boobs. Maybe i'll dust it off the shelf of knitting coffee table books that seems to be growing around here, and uh, knit myself a scarf or something.

nicole said...

Wheeeee! I'm so excited to see the orange sweater! And all your other projects look *SUPER!*mickjones

cristina said...

i'm so glad you posted this. i did a big ol post ranting about the same thing and basically threw the idea of ever knitting any of the cute designs out the i might try a couple. looking forward to seeing yours completed.