Thursday, March 22, 2007


Gnittink. Knitting backwards, which is exactly what I seem to be doing as of late. The loopy pillow? A total snooze to knit, so I reserved it for 'mindless' knitting. You know something to be knit at Stitch n' Bitch, or while watching a movie with subtitles. I now find, there is no such thing as 'mindless' knitting. Mindless implies without mind when in fact what I really intend was knitting without a lot of mind.

Case in point: The loopy pillow. Instructions read; cast on 42 stitches, work in loop pattern for X number of rows until work becomes square, blah, blah, blah. Easy peasy. After a couple of 'mindless' knitting sessions I had it pretty much in the bag. On closer inspection, all was not well in said bag. My square was not looking particularly square. Rhombus, Trapezoid, Parallelogram perhaps (don't quote me on the geometry, it's not my forte), but definitely not square. How could this be? The knitting was mindless!

Truth be told, on more than one occasion I had come across an extra stitch (Not surprising giving the 'loopyness' of the pattern). On such occasions, I would knit two together, happy the texture would cover the mistake, and go merrily on my way - knit, knit, knit. It turns out I must have done this a few more times than necessary. When I finally noticed how wonky my knitting had become, I had 30 stitches on the needle. THIRTY! That's TWELVE less than I needed! (You can quote me on that one, I'm fine with basic subtraction.)

I sighed. I cursed. I ripped back. By the time I got back to 42 stitches I had just a few rows completed:

The knitting fought back. Beware my friends: Never overestimate the mindlessness (or without a lot of mind)of any project!

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Reckless Glue said...

yayyyyy. I always get so excited when there is a new post from you.

quelle drag. I feel your pain sister.