Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's a clip show!

I have found myself with a serious lack of blog-fodder as of late. W.I.P's are slogging along, no great revelations or insight, no news. What's a blogger to do?
Revisit the past! Remember my knit-o-lutions? Neither do I! I thought I'd take a look back and see if I could cross anything of the list. Call it a quarterly update.


• Learn to knit Continental style
• Knit something requiring (stranded) colour work
• Felt something on purpose
• Knit something with cables
• Knit double the amount of sweaters that I did last year (that would mean 2)

Oh dear. Let's break this down:

• Learn to knit Continental style: PENDING. I don't know whether to consider this fulfilled or not. I attempted continental knitting. Does that count? I knit a swatch and found it awkward and painfully slow. I gave up on it pretty quick. I think it's a classic case of old dog/new tricks. Or impatience. Either/or.

• Knit something requiring colour work: NEGATORY. Nothing yet, but I hear Lettuce Knit may have a fair isle class in the works for the summer. I'll get to it - must knit argyle someday!

• Felt something on purpose:NOPE. I just haven't found a felting pattern that appeals to me yet.

• Knit something with cables: SUCCESS! The Best Friend Cardigan! It's no aran masterpiece, but hey - a cable's a cable.

• Knit double the amount of sweaters that I did last year 50%Not too shabby! I did complete two sweaters in 2007, but technically, one was started in 2006. I won't count it (but I reserve the right to reconsider if I find myself a little short on the sweater count come December).

SCORE: 1.5 / 5

Not too shabby for just a couple of months!

Next on the agenda: stashbusting. EEK!

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Reckless Glue said...

well at least it's an ambitious list! I'm also about to attempt my first cables...