Sunday, March 04, 2007

Knitting up a in a storm

We have had some weather with a capital 'W' this week. Thursday afternoon mother nature dumped a boatload of snow on Toronto - and I mean boatload. The storm brought down trees and powerlines all across the city. Friday I woke up to a blank face on my powerless alarm clock and decided "I'm not going anywhere".

What can you do to pass the time with no electricity? Why knit, of course! I spent a good deal of the day cuddled under blankets with the b.f. knitting and listening to my (blessedly fully charged) ipod. It was a fun little adventure until the sun went down. My apartment was more than a little chilly after 24 hours with no heat (Yet another reason to loathe electric baseboard heaters.) When the sky began to dim, we resorted to plan B: Walk to the b.f's office (which we were fairly certain had electricity) and wait for Toronto Hydro to do their thang. Here's what I packed in my emergency survival kit:

a) 1 bottle Cabernet sauvignon (essential!)
b) 1 bag baby carrots and lentil loaf sandwich (no really, vegan sandwiches are good!)
c) 1 bar good quality German chocolate (good in any crisis situation)
d) 1 skeinSocks that Rock (Jailhouse Rock colourway) and 5 bamboo DPNs

Of course power was restored in my neighbourhood within an hour of our leaving. Come to think of it, we passed a Hydro truck when we left!

The fruit of my electricity-deprived labours? The best friend cardigan is finished and being blocked:

One collar and six buttons to go! I have a sinking feeling this cardigan is going to be too small and/or be horribly unflattering. (I'm well aware that bulky sweaters have a tendency to make one look, well, bulky. I'm choosing to ignore that probability for now. Ignorance is bliss!) We'll just have to see how it turns out. I must say, even after solving my first problem with Twinkle's Big City Knits I'm still not highly impressed with the book. I love the designs, but the instructions are terrible. (I think "at the same time" knitting instructions should be outlawed!)

My "emergency" skein of Socks that Rock? I'm finally knitting a pair of socks for my very own feet. Toe-up Anastasia socks:

I love toe-up socks! This is my second attempt, and I think I have finally mastered the short-row toe:

I've also discovered the 'macro' setting on my camera. Knitting is always better in close-up, n'est pas?

I haven't made much progress on my Loopy pillow, but I think it's high time I paid it some attention. The loops are so... scroonchy! Don't you just want to run your fingers through it?

Can't we have a blackout once a month so we can all catch up with our knitting?


nicole said...

Whoah! I had so much Kniteroo to catch up on!
A) I love your orange cashmere sweater
B) I love that weird stiff as a board/cute as a button laying on their back pose babies do - and the sweater is adorable
C) I was all set for a day of catch up knitting on Friday, but my boss tracked me down & made me go into work...but I brought my own socks that rock & went to "work".

Reckless Glue said...

whaaaa? are you vegan now?

pamela wynne said...

nice toe! and wonderful photos.

I can't wait to see what the cardigan looks like on. Mine is only 4 rows in, and the chunkiness is freaking me out a little.

Diane said...

I am glad i am missing all that snow...but then again, we have rain and wind on this side of the pond