Sunday, April 15, 2007

Accidental stash inhancement

I either have to learn how to knit faster or learn how to purchase yarn slower. Hmm... my money's on the first one (any tips?)! Spring is sproinging and this young girls fancy turns to:

Blue Sky Cotton! I picked up four skeins of it in a lovely deep grey called "ink". It's softer than a baby's tush and let me tell you - it's like buttah! Someday I'd like to knit a whole sweater from it, but for now? A cotton vest to add to the summer wardrobe:

Yup, Twinkle strikes again - the Biker Vest from Twinkle's Big City Knits. I figure the bulky yarn/stick figure issues won't be a problem with this one - it's a vest for heaven's sake! (please knitting gods, don't make me eat my words!)

And then just when I thought it was safe to leave the yarn store, Lettuce Knit received their shipment of Socks that Rock!

"Purple Rain" and "Obsidian"colourways.

I think one skein may become another Purl beret (with significantly more yardage than Koigu, I shouldn't run out of yarn this time!). Perhaps a lacy scarf for the other? I know it's called socks that rock, but I'm just not even very interested in sock knitting (*duck*). So much work for something that hardly anyone sees? I don't know, maybe my opinion will change once I finally finish knitting a pair for myself. I've been told (constantly, exhaustively) that there's nothing like the fit and warmth of a hand knit sock... so we'll see.

For now I'm trying to be a good and monogamous knitter to complete my Phildar Swing Jacket before the weather becomes too warm to wear it. I've almost finished the back, and so far I'm really enjoying knitting it. The stitch pattern is quick and the instructions are clear. Why can't all knitting patterns be so comprehensible? This one is even translated from French and it makes sense!


pamela wynne said...

you're just cranking through the Twinkle book! the vest will be hot. how many strands of the B.S.Cotton will you hold together?

Reckless Glue said...

ooh yummy yarn...Flair actually called for that Blue sky cotton but it was too rich for my blood! and I've been eyeing that "biker" vest myself~

Miss Muffy said...

I'm pretty sure I can just use a single strand of the Blue Sky. If not, I'm totally screwed and the yarn will have to be used for something else!

And um... yeah. Biker vest? What kind of biker wears a lacey knit vest? Maybe I should get a motorcycle...

Diane said...

that is one awesome vest

Tracy said...

I've come out of lurking to express my love for the Blue Sky Cotton. Man that stuff is so awesome. I'm just at the finishing stages of Flair and I have loved every minute of it!!! Enjoy!