Sunday, April 01, 2007

Floppy Beret total Flop


I'm really on a losing streak these days. Knitting is totally kicking my ass.

The other night I sat down with the intention of finally finishing my Purl beret. I was knitting merrily along when I noticed a potential problem:

I was just approaching the first row of decreases and I had a terrifyingly wee amount of yarn left. I ignored it. I pretended it wasn't there. I told myself it was all going to work out. I knit another round and re-assesed:

Yep, still tiny. I decided to stop lying to myself. I was most definitely going to run out of yarn. The pattern says to knit 4" from the CO edge before beginning decreases and 5-5.5" if you want a "floppier" beret. I was hoping for a good amount of "flop" but I was willing to compromise - I needed the yardage. I ripped back an inch.

The next morning, newly refreshed, I picked up my adjusted knitting and soldiered on. Before long, I had a growing sense of deja vu:

What the? I was going to run out of yarn. AGAIN! Deep breath. Once more, I ripped back. I was just going to have to live with a standard issue, straight-up, no-flop beret. No problem. I already have a floppy beret, do I really need two? I knit on. I finished. Before weaving in the ends, I smoothed it out:

Hmm. A little pucker-y, no? Allow me to show a comparison. Here's the finished beret picture from the Purl Soho site:

Hmm. Something was not right. I put it on. Oh dear. It was tiny! Pucker-y and tiny! (sorry, no pic - too humiliating!) What happened!?! The pattern was so simple!

It was the gauge.
Of course it was the guage.
It's always the guage.
Guage, guage, guage.

Despite using the recommended yarn and needle size, my guage was WAY off. I was supposed to have 7 stitches to an inch. My beret? 11 stitches an inch.


***post script***

Why was my guage so horribly, horribly wrong? I went back to the pattern to see if I could find some insight. It turns out that in my haste to get this project started, I failed to notice the recommended needles were the American size, not the metric size. I have no one to blame but myself... but I'll still blame the pattern. Stupid American sizing!


pamela wynne said...

drat! and the yarn so pretty! are you going to try again?

denny Mcmillan said...

and don't get me started on "the whole world is metric, but not the states"....just don't get me started.

Miss Muffy said...

I think I will try it again, Pamela. I can't let it beat me! And thanks Denny - seriously, metric just makes sense!

Anonymous said...

I hope you try again! The colorway you chose is beautiful. I'm making it now but having a problem with the end where it says 19 stitches left and then k2 together all the way around again (last row) and 9 stitches remain. But 19 is an odd # so 10 will be left, not 9! Did you figure this out? Can you email me if you get this? THANKS! marcelabnycATyahooDOTcom

Anonymous said...

This account of your beret flop cracked me up!!! We've all been there, just maybe not with as much good humor! Thanks for the laugh, and loads of luck on your next project!

Anonymous said...

OMG!DEJA VUE! The same happened to me last night and i have this little beret thing with no flop,it's like flat. Im gonna try again though. to make it floppy. it isn't flat though eben because it has bumps. it is bumpy with no flop.and yet it is flat at the same time. i didn't run out of yarn though.