Sunday, April 29, 2007


Long time no post - but fear not dear readers! I'm chock full of new blog-fodder! And exclamation points! (Get comfy, this is gonna be a long one)

Yesterday was was the Downtown Knit Collective's 10th annual Knitters Frolic. Seriously, a "frolic"! How often do you get to go frolicking? I had never been, so I naturally assumed it would be a room full of knitters in pretty spring dresses skipping about with baskets of yarn in the crooks of their arms. I had to see this,so I boarded no less that one streetcar, one subway train and one bus (seriously, there aren't any suitable venues downtown?) and went frolicking.

I somehow managed to spend three hours there without taking a single picture! (I'm sure other bloggers will do a decent job of documenting the show, so I won't beat myself up about it.) In my defense, I was a little distracted. Too busy shopping! Total yarn goggles! Anyhooz - to me, the whole thing just looked like this:

(seriously, it was like Fleece Artist just exploded in there)

I don't think I could handle a giant fibre fest like Maryland or Rhinebeck. When confronted with too much choice my brain just shuts down. I stepped in the door of the Frolic and blew a yarn fuse. Merino and cashmere and silk - oh my! After doing an initial inspection of the perimeter I moved safely from 'overwhelmed' into 'hunt and peck'. I picked up a couple of super BARGOONS from Needles and Pins:

yarns - HALF PRICE! Wheee!!! The skein on the right is mohair in the "Spruce" colourway and that hot pink number is 100% silk in "Punky" (seriously, how could I resist it with a name like that?)

I also picked up a book I had been dying to look through, but had yet to find:

Runway Knits! (I also picked up that ridiculously cute monkey tape measure and look! Free samples of Eucalan!)

I want to knit at least half of the patterns in here:





Sweet! Although, I think it would much more sophisticated in black:

Why have I never thought of using photoshop for this purpose before? Look now it's green!

But I digress... THIS is my favourite pattern:

It's called "Springtime in Paris". Why, of course it is!

All in all, the Frolic was definitely worth all the public transportation to parts unknown (North of Bloor! East of Yonge! Eeek!)

In non-frolic-related-news - check this out:

My brother found all of this for me. In the garbage! Now, normally I don't like the idea of "used needles" and "garbage" but he assures me that wasn't exactly the case. There was some sort of Earth-day clean up rummage thing-y in his neighbourhood and someone was getting rid of this stuff. Nice! I don't really need anymore straight needles, but hey! A freebie's a freebie. Plus, there was other stuff in there too. Crochet hooks, dpns, a nifty old stitch holder and this:

The coolest knitting gauge I've ever seen! Which gets me thinking... Why aren't there any interesting/designer/novelty needle gauges out there? We have schmancy needles and stitch markers and tape measures - Why not the gauge? I see a gap in the market! Too bad I'm too lazy to fill it. Somebody get on this!

Well, folks, that about wraps it up. Now it's time to go out and process some vitamin D. Thank goodness for a little sunshine!

Happy knitting!


pamela wynne said...

What a haul! And thanks so much for the RW preview. :)

Reckless Glue said...

I've been eyeing that book myself, thanks for posting the photos from it. I'm loving the look of that first jacket...though I guess another swing coat might be pushing it a bit.

Anonymous said...

you can find the free pattern for Springtime in Paris in one of the recent Potter craft newsletters

soknitpicky said...

Thanks so much for the book preview! I've been waiting for this book but have not found it yet. And what clever photoshopping--that really would be a neat way to "test run" some knits :-)