Thursday, April 05, 2007

Guage vs Gauge

I've come to a conclusion. It seems the source of my bad knitting ju-ju has all along, simply been a matter of incorrect spelling. The other night Laura pointed out to me:

"Maybe the reason you're having trouble getting gauge is because you keep spelling it wrong."

What? Me? Poor speller? How dare you! I won a spelling bee in elementary school!

I got 90's in high school English class! I baulk at grammatical errors!

But alas, 'tis true. Even with the aide of computerized spell-checking I have been spelling the word gauge incorrectly for ages.

I think somewhere along the way, I made the decision that I was spelling the word correctly and it was the computer that was in the wrong. (You know, like when you type a word with the Canadian/English spelling such as "colour" and the American spell check tells you it's a mistake). I don't know how I came to this decision, but I stuck by it, even though each time I used the word, the automatic spell-checker would highlight it as WRONG-WRONG-WRONG! I can assure you, I have learned my lesson and shall never make the mistake again. I have been accused of a lot of things, but bad spelling? The horror!

The good new is, along with finding the correct spelling of the word, I have found the correct gauge for my Phildar swing jacket:

I cast on the back the other night at Stitch n' Bitch. Thanks again Laura for a)correcting my spelling, b) double checking my gauge (not guage)swatch and c) making a killer chocolate mascarpone cake!

In other news; I have been blessed by Twinkle! On Wenlan Chin's website, she has a bit of a contest going. If you send in pictures of completed knit garments from her book Twinkle's Big City Knits, you can win a gift. I sent in a picture of my Best Friend cardigan, and while I was at it, I mentioned there was a mistake in the pattern. I was a pleasantly surprised to receive a reply:

Thank you for pointing out the mistakes. Will definitely post it onto the correction board. The sweater looks great on you.


I've worn the sweater once and people seemed to like it, and now the designer herself said it looks great. I suppose I should get over my "phneh" feelings about it!


lomester said...

Mis Muffy,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love new readers and finding new blogs to read while I should be working :).

I am adding you to my bloglines fer sure!


pamela wynne said...

omg, that picture is so freaking CUTE!!
I can't wait to see how your jacket turns out (mine is stalled for summer. even though it's snowing).

Reckless Glue said...

OMG I love that photo! -you haven't changed a bit! It's funny apparently i was spelling it right all along, and then I read your entry all about GUAGE and convinced myself that *I* was spelling it wrong. So now I'm spelling it the wrong way too, I think.
glad that degree in English is serving me so well.

laura said...

aw. that's a sweet photo.

here's hoping you've found it now!

The Nutritionista said...

you + spelling bee = the cutest thing I have ever seen.

mishi2x said...

The Best Friend Sweater looks fantastic on you!! I bought the book, and the exact yarn she uses in the book after hearing her speak, and well - it just didn't look that good. So, I'm frogging and starting over. Ack.

And LOVE the Phildar Swing Jacket color you picked. I'm regretting not having picked a darker color.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was reading my own blog! All my life (of 29 years) I have thought it is 'guage' and that Microsoft and Google were just plain dumb!