Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Me: 1, Knitting:0

I shall overcome!

A successful FO! Finally. The loopy pillow is off the needles (and look! It's square this time!). Of course it's not exactly a pillow yet, so not technically finished but nonetheless... I picked up some remnant fabric today to create the back of the pillow (I'll be damned if I'm knitting a matching back!). I do plan on making a pair of these, so I will have to knit another one eventually. Just not for a while. Enough with the loops!

The disastrously tiny/puckered beret? Frogged and awaiting a second go around:

(This tiki dude's face fairly accurately mimics what mine looked like upon finishing the hat)

I'm going to try a swatch tonight for the Phildar swing jacket too (I added another post to the knitalong page.) Here's hoping I'm on a winning streak!


Reckless Glue said...

That looks great! hmm, I think my comment on your last entry about the beret didn't work. ah well...

lekkercraft said...

Looks like this will be a very cozy pillow! I came to your blog from the Flickr Twinkle group - just wanted to say that I'm enjoing the read!

Diane said...

tiki dude reminds me of an old brady bunch episode...are you old enough to remember when the brady bunch went to hawaii???