Thursday, April 12, 2007

There's a 5:30am?

Look ma! I wuz on the teevee!

(I'm awed/horrified to see that as of today, 704 people have watched this on YouTube!)

Yes, Yesterday I launched myself out of bed at the "totally reasonable" hour of 5:30 am to go play model on Breakfast Television. (Okay, truthfully I set the alarm for 5:30, but I didn't actually get up until 5:50 - you know how it goes). I do not recommend attempting to do hair and make-up whilst still semi-conscious. I now understand why products like shampoo have "duh" instructions like "Apply to hair". (I narrowly avoided putting lipstick on my eyes and brushing my teeth with mascara.) Adequately beatified, I scurried out the door and managed to meet the (again "totally reasonable") call-time of 6:45am.

After unpacking the props and fighting over sweaters we "hurry up and wait-ed" until our segment.

Though we all brought knitting, Rachel was the only one calm enough (or smart enough?)to knit a few rows pre-taping:

(She even brought a sheep-free project. Clever knitter!)

Amy gets some "pointers"

(contrary to her somewhat bewildered expression in this photo she totally understood what to do. I, on the other hand, still don't know what all the pointing was for)

We met Brad...

Breakfast Television producer and adoring hubby of the fabulously talented knitter Elizabeth! (He regretted not sporting a hand knit sweater. Perhaps showing up unbeknownst on a knitting blog will suffice?)

Before we knew it we were "on". A P.A. shoo-ed me onscreen and before I had time to embarrass myself it was all over. I'm proud to say I did not trip, curse or make any awkward hand-gestures. I'm sorry to note, I smiled nervously like I did in elementary school photos, and flipped my hair too much - but I'll take that over tripping any day. In fact, no one embarrassed themselves - quite the contrary! Go team No-Sheep!

From left to right, Rachel h, Amy .R. Singer, yours truly and Jacquie

Post broadcast, we went in search of sustenance. Turns out looking for somewhere to have breakfast at 8am on a Wednesday is not so easy. (Queen St. West doesn't wake up until at least 11) We ended up heading to my favourite break-ie place the Luna cafe and thankfully, they were open. Not only that, we weren't the only people there knitting over breakfast! I really should have taken pictures, but I was busy caffeinating my sleepy brain. Thanks for breakfast Amy! (And big thanks to Elizabeth for chauffeuring me to work afterwards) Hey, if I breakfast was payment for modelling, can I call myself a professional model now? Even if I get paid in back-bacon?


Rachel H said...

Dearest, there is nothing even remotely reasonable about those gawdawful hours you mention, let alone 'totally'. It was fun though, wasn't it? And thanks for finding us the fantastic breakfast.

Reckless Glue said...

so awesome~ I always think of you as being tall, so that Dina woman must be a freakin amazon!

Miss Muffy said...

Ha-ha! Yeah, that Dina's a tall drink 'o' water - she was also wearing wicked heels. I'm only 5'5" though!

And yes it was fun - totally fun in fact!

nicole said...

I actually watched that youtube clip & didn't know that was you! Awesome!
(oh, and re: WFMU - it's my boytoy who is the huge fan - I like it, but I'm not deeply involved in wfmu 'culture' heh...)