Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cough, HONK, cough, cough!

Guess who's got the sniffles? Lucky me! Just when the weather got warm and work got busy! Alright, enough whining - on with knitting!

I wish I could say I spent a couple of days at home recuperating on the couch with my knitting, but alas, it could not be so. (Wait, didn't I say I would quit whining?).
Nonetheless, I did manage to complete the second sleeve of my Phildar Swing Jacket. (More on that at the knitalong blog).

I also grew tired of staring at my pathetic looking pucker-y loop pillow and decided to (finally) do something about it:

I stripped the pillow-form of it's knitting and took stock. The square of loop-dom needed to be bigger. OK. Sure. Right. Bigger. After much time spent dreaming up ways to pick up stitches or put other business together, I decided to take the easy(?) route and just knit up a bunch of i-cord. That finished, I realized that probably wasn't going to solve my problem. Dang! The major obstacle came from the fact that the knitted front of the pillow was stretchy, while the fabric backing was not. Solution? Just knit the damn back already! I don't know why I was so reluctant in the first place. I originally wanted to make two pillows from that yarn, but who wants two crappy pillows when they can have one good one? Not I!

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