Sunday, May 06, 2007

Everything must go!

In the immortal words of my friend the Nutritionista;

"Oh, for geez!"

After spending three full hours attempting to organize my office/art-studio I stand defeated. There's just no freakin' way. The room is too small and there is far too much stuff that needs to live in it. I'm drowing in a sea of "things I might make something with someday" and I have only myself to blame. I am faced with but two options:

1) Get a bigger apartment
2) Get rid of some stuff
Sigh. While I would love to have a sprawling loft with floor to ceiling shelves with which to store every craft supply, ball of yarn and kitchy nik-nak I own - moving seems a little drastic. Help me out and buy my junk! I have a few balls of yarn for y'all to peruse here. It's mostly stuff I have thrifted over the past year, plus a couple of odds and ends, so I'll let if go for cheapies. Make me an offer!

In the meantime, I gotta get through some of the remaining stash. Progress is slow but steady. The pink thing:

Coming along nicely. By the time my retinas are sufficiently burned, it should be complete and I'll be ready to return to the sea of grey:

One back, one sleeve and a smidge does not a jacket make. I blame second sleeve syndrome!

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The Nutritionista said...

I got Rosie to say "Oh for Geez" the other day. Golden!