Thursday, May 31, 2007

Queen of Denial

Long time no blog! Blame the weather. Toronto is experiencing some unseasonable warm temperatures right now, and it makes for some unreasonably warm temperatures in my computer room. A tiny airless room with sunshine beaming through a skylight all day? Fantastic in January. June? Not so much. But I'm not here to tell you about the air circulation in my apartment. To the knitting!

Well, it looks like there will be but ONE knitted wrestling mask in the upcoming exhibition. If I had really thought it through, I would have realized this fact a lot sooner. I dream big, and I sometimes forget to do a reality check. What was I thinking? What knitter in their right mind would agree to something like this? Design your own pattern from scratch? Tight deadline? Maybe if the masks were going to five year old cancer patients or being auctioned off to raise money for battered women, but for a little exhibit in a bar? You'd have to be nuts!

Luckily I have never claimed to be of sound mind:

(The picture is a little outdated now. I'm actually up to the eyeballs - ha!)

First time designing a pattern? First attempt at intarsia? Yup, I'm a total nut-job. I'm using stash scraps and the crazy balaclava pattern (from my last post) as a guide. I started out diligently writing down everything I was doing, but my notes have been getting a little, well, sloppy. I think it's superstition. If I write up the whole pattern line by line, charts and all, it will inevitably turn out like a big steaming pile of crap that no one would ever want to recreate. Hence: notes are useless. If I don't write down anything, the mask will turn out to be a brilliant and innovative piece of fibre art brilliance that could make me millions in pattern sales if I had only taken the time to write a few notes. I don't want to jinx myself! (Okay, I'm probably just being lazy.)

I've noticed a lot of knit bloggers (Amy and Sarah and Nicole to name a few) posting about "cross-crafting" lately. Again, maybe it's the weather, but it seems like everyone lately is breaking with monogomy and seeing other crafts. Me? I've been busting out the beads:

Revisiting my bead-stash has made my realize no matter what the craft, it's all just the same obsession anyway. I had the inkling to make these earrings ages ago, but (naturally) never had the right beads. I'd look to the stash, realize I didn't have the right size of jump-rings, or right shade of red beads and go back to the bead store. Returning home with a bag of shiny new bobbles (that I had no intention of buying), I would sit down only to realize I was still missing the right size of jump-rings and right shade of red beads. Later. Rinse. Repeat. Sound Familiar?


Reckless Glue said...

but at least you have the "can do" attitude when it comes to new projects! I have the opposite problem...a doubt in my abilities that leads me to not bother in the firt place. Also pessimism. Lots of that. Oh, and cynicism. Yup, cynical is my middle name. But I hear ya about 1) other crafts --apart from all the recklessglue stuff for the store, lately I have been all about felt woodland creatures. WHY O why? and 2)it is so effing sticky and gross out. Major garage -saleing today. major wet. major sauna. major black flies.
I hate summer.

Reckless Glue said...

--also, I hope you model that mask when it's done!

The Nutritionista said...

Thems some purty earrings

nicole said...

Those earrings are super cute! I was tempted to join you in the knitted wrestling mask project, but realized I probably wouldn't get it done it kudos to you! I bet it'll be the awesomest mask ever!