Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crisis averted.

I think we're back in the green zone now.

I picked out the hem of my jacket sleeves and managed to salvage enough yarn to finish knitting my collar and have a little left for finishing. Whew! The fact that Nicole had exactly the same yarn left over from knitting her man a sweater is so mind boggling I can't stand it. (The fact that I learned she had said yarn the day after I ripped back the cast on edge? Priceless.) I have never taken apart a cast on edge before. Why didn't anyone tell me it was so tedious and unpleasant!?! Oh right - 'cause I did it before I told anyone about it.

Anyhooz - it's done. Pieces are blocked. Assembly is on the horizon. Given the fact that it's hotter than Brangelina in Toronto today, I think the piecing together of several large sections of Peruvian Highland wool can wait. Cotton shall be cast upon my needles post haste!

But first - check it out! I got yarn-mail!

Sure, it contains some questionable content, but so does Fox and I still watch it.

Never check the Knitty.com "yarn sale spotter" board unless you are willing to part with some cash! I was caught at a moment of weekness ("case of the Mondays" anyone?) and could not resist ordering a sweater's worth of Rowan Cashsoft. It is hearby betrothed this:

(Springtime in Paris from Runway Knits)

Unfortunately, it's going to have to go to the back of the queue. The babies are coming! The babies are coming! I have two preggers friends and they're both getting baby knits weather they like it or not. I realize it won't be much of a surprise given they both occasionally stop by casa de Knitteroo, but pish-posh! I love tiny sweaters!

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