Sunday, June 10, 2007

El Yarno


The mask is complete and I have dubbed it, yes, "El Yarno". Silly and juvenile perhaps, but so is grown men wrestling in tights, non?. (Special thanks to my model - there's nothing like sporting knitwear on your face on a hot summer afternoon!)

The Rundown:

PATTERN: My own, based on this hideous vintage balaclava (sorry, I kind of made it up as I went along - I don't know if my notes are intelligible enough to share)

YARN:Leftover stash yarn - mostly cheapo orange cotton (probably Bernat), thrifted pink stuff (cotton blend?) and teal Nature Spun wool (doubled to meet gauge).

NEEDLES: I knit the majority of the mask back and forth on Denise 4.5mm needles, then joined in the round out the crown, switching to Boyle dpns.

NOTES: When I finished the knitting, the eye and mouth holes were very loosey-goosey. The bottom hem was a little wavy-gravy as well (sorry, I'm an incessant rhymer). Solution? Crochet! I single crocheted around every edge, easing in the fullness. It really saved the whole darn thing. I also used my meager crotch-ette-ing (as I like to pronounce it) skills to make a long chain to lace up the back.

All in all, I'm really glad I took this on. I'm the queen of great ideas (or so I like to think) with no follow-through. I really believe that the only way I can accomplish anything is with a little encouragement, and a tight deadline. So what if the knitting isn't perfect? I set out to knit a wrestling mask and dagnabbit - that's what I did.

Wanna check it out in person? The Lucha Libre exhibit will be up any day now at the Embassy Bar. Wanna check out some Mexican Wrestling madness? The Embassy is hosting a Mexican wrestling party on June 22nd - who knows what hijinks will ensue!


Knittypants said...

Great mask :-)

Reckless Glue said...

hilarious! very menacing.

nicole said...

YAY! El Yarno!! Your mask is awesome! I'll have to "twist my arm" & go for a beer at The Embassy to see it! but oh god - it's so hot lately - even seeing someone wearing a knit face-mask is making me sweat!