Thursday, June 07, 2007

The final countdown

Ding, Dong, the mask is done! Well, okay, it's ALMOST done. I still have to weave in the ends, crochet around the openings, add laces up the back, do something with the neckline and... dammit! I'm totally not finished at all! I even skipped Stitch n' Bitch last night to work on it. Skip Stitch n' Bitch to stay home knitting? I know, sounds wacko, but trust me, I knew what I was doing. This project requires concentration and when you bitch whilst you stitch... mistakes are made. Besides, I couldn't bear to have any input. The construction is sloppy at best.

Newbie intarsia madness, haphazard decreases, worsted cotton mingling with sport weight wool! It ain't pretty. Yet. Whatever. The muggles* won't notice the novice construction.

* My rant on "muggles":

Perhaps it's because I'm a little late to the Yarn Harlot phenomenon, but I somehow missed when the term "muggle" was coined. Oh, I figured out what it meant. A "non-knitter". Definition through context - no probs, Bob. Reading comprehension 101. The problem lay with the root of the word. It wasn't until I dared to use the term "muggle" in the company of a so called "muggle" that I met with embarrassment. It suddenly became obvious that Stephanie Pearl McPhee did not coin this term. J.K. Rowling did.


Being one of the three people on the planet who has never read a Harry Potter book, I was unaware that "muggle" actually refers to someone who is not able to perform magic. (Ah! Yarn Harlot - you are hilarious. We all know that knitting is magic!) I suddenly realized that this whole time I had been on the outside of an inside joke that I didn't even know was "inside". (My "muggle" friend? They were left wondering why we were suddenly talking about Harry Potter when we started out talking about knitting.)

I always seem to be the last one to know. For godsakes though, do I really need to read Harry Potter?


amy [Knitty] said...

yes, you need to read harry potter. you don't need to see the movies, but you need to read the books. (sez someone who resisted for a long time, but is glad she gave in.

Reckless Glue said...

for the love of god do not read those books. To me a muggle is essentially the ignorant masses. And we all know how many people (i mean muggles...) are reading them. Nat always drags me to those movies--guess it's the 13 year old boy in him that hearts them so, but I did, pointlessly, read the first book.

Glenna C said...

No one ::has:: to do anything, of course, but...I didn't think I needed to read Harry Potter (this was at the time when the 4th book had just come out...oh...6 years ago or so), and then spent about 3 weeks doing nothing in my spare time but reading all of the books that had come out. The good news is that they're pretty easy reads, so if you have the need for some mindless yet engaging reading, just go and borrow them from someone ;)

Miss Muffy said...

Oh oh - looks like I hit a nerve in the knitting community! I don't want to read them for the same reason I don't want to join Facebook: I can't put my finger on it but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Hmm, maybe an audio book would be a good compromise?

fibersnob said...

OMG when I saw that mask I near about plotzed, that's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. This ranks right up there with a handknit uterus.

I'm very content with my life and I have alsl never read any of the HP books, nor do I have any desire to really...

pamela wynne said...

aMAYzing!! I love it SO MUCH!

Oh, and I totally resisted the HP books for years, then read the first one and loved it. But I didn't *really* get into them until I listened to the audiobooks -- Jim Dale, who reads them, does an incredible job.