Friday, June 22, 2007


If no one has yet to coin that term: consider it coined.

Yesterday I decided to block the finished pieces of my Phildar swing jacket. I had just the collar and pockets to knit and thought it would be nice to have everything ready to assemble when I cast off that last piece. What a fantastic thought!

(weighted down with a lavender plant - seemed like good knitting mojo)

Then disaster struck.

This is how much collar remains to be knit:

This is how much yarn I have left:


Okay. I shouldn't panic. I must have some more yarn around here someplace, right? I've got loads of yarn! Maybe there's a random skein of this stuff hiding in the bottom of my stash! Let's go stash diving... EUREKA! The swatch! The beautiful gauge swatch! My teeny-tiny security blanket. Friggin' A - I'm saved!

The swatch was ravaged.

I knit the resulting yardage.

I ran out of yarn.



Okay. Breathe. It's all going to be okay. There are children dying of aids in Africa. There's a terrible war in Iraq. Greenhouse gas emissions are heating up the earth at an alarming rate. You just need more yarn. No big deal. Just go on over to You just placed an order with them and hey - maybe they haven't shipped it yet! They can just toss in that extra skein and you're on your way to a finished sweater, baby! Okay, let's just get that ball band. Colour 402...colour number 402...


No. Colour. 402. What the?

(Flail arms, run in circle)

What's a knitter to do?

Allright, let's think about this. How could this happen? I did all the math. I should have yarn leftover! Why would I run out of yarn if I knit everything the same as the pat... Oh.

I found my missing yarn. The HEM! My yarn is in the hem. The hem that I accidentally knit twice as long as necessary. Whew! Panic dissipating.

I just have to rip back the hem. I will live to see (knit?) another day. I'll start with the sleeves, and if that's not enough (god help me) I'll move on the rest. As much as I hate ripping back, I have do one thing to smile about:

A lifeline. For whatever reason (probably wicked psychic abilities) I threaded some contrasting coloured yarn through the row that marked the end of the hem on all of my jacket pieces.

Seriously guys, I think I'm probably a genius. I'm going to go hug myself now (and call Mensa, they've probably been trying to get a hold of me)


nicole said...

I HAVE A BALL OF #402!! left over from my zimmerman sweater! Because we're both grey maniacs!!(if I've gotten to you too late, then I tip my hat to you for your genius fix-it)

Girl Kae said...

*phew* I had to buy 2 extra skeins for my swing jacket as well because of yarn problem.. not sure where my extra yardage went though!

Liz said...

AAAAAAAARGH!!!!! I feel so bad for you. I have been to that knitastrophe (great word BTW) a few times and I feel your pain and know it well. Well done for finding the reason for it as well. Just remember, breathe deeply, eat chocolate and BE will be well! Sending you lavender thoughts...x

Reckless Glue said...

lifeline? GENIUS! I need to start doing that. That sucks that you have to rip back. I feel your pain!

Miss Muffy said...

Nicole? Oh. Mah. Gawd! That's Gnarles Barkley CRAZY, yo! Unfortunately, I've already gone through the painful process of picking out the cast on edge. My collar is finished though! Thanks for the offer!