Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's not my fault, I'm greiving!

So much to blog! First, let's get the last of the vacation knitting up in here:

The baby sweater made a fair bit of progress, as did the Biker Vest:

Unfortunately, when I got home I realized the vest is riddled with mistakes. I somehow managed to reverse the right side and wrong side of the pattern halfway up the back. Then there's the fraternal left and right front sections. Dang, yo! I blame bad lighting and good cocktails. Luckily, it's a fast knit, so I don't mind ripping most of it back and starting over. Besides, I finally memorized the pattern (it's really not that difficult, but lets not forget about those cocktails).

My other unfortunate happenstance?

My faithful ipod, Cherrie II, passed away last weekend at the tender age of two. Rest in peace, Cherrie II. You can join your sister Cherrie the first, who suffered the same fate two years ago. As a result of my loss, I am terribly behind on my knitting podcasts, and had to listen to the rest of my cottage "reading" on the b.f.'s ipod. (Oddly, he is not thrilled to have Jane Fonda's autobiography among his playlists.)

To ease the pain, I have started my Springtime in Paris sweater:

Oh yeah, and I accidentally bought more yarn:

It's not my fault! First the Drops patterns were released, then the only store in town that carries their yarn was having a sale! I was powerless to resist! It took me two seconds flat to choose the colour (51) - it's one of those great colours you can't really put your finger on; Is it green? Grey? Brown? Whatever you call it, I hope to turn it into this:

I've been acquiring new craft supplies at an alarming rate. Yes, I admit I have a problem. Methinks it may be yarn (fabric, bead, etc...) diet time.


lekkercraft said...

yikes! sorry to hear about your ipod.

And thanks for reminding me to check out the new Drops patterns - love love love the one you chose. There are a TON of amazing patterns there!

Reckless Glue said...

in another page of "we are on the same wavelength", only this time ipod mini ALSO just crapped out on me. I'm not so much grieving tho as Beyond.irritated.
books on tape? genius...send 'em my way!

Diane said...

that is an awesome would look great on you...