Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Attack of the giant knitwear

In the past year or so, I've become more and more fascinated by the fashion world. As a result, I've developed a habit of picking up Vogue every month. I can't tell you how much I love the absolute absurdity of this magazine. It seems to assume everyone lives on the upper east side of Manhattan, summers in the Hamptons, and spends an inordinate amount of time shopping. Oh yeah, and every one's skinny. Really skinny. Personally, I just buy it for the pretty pictures.

This months Vogue claims to be their largest issue ever. I believe it.

Not only is the magazine itself over sized, so seem to be the contents:

There is a lot of knitwear featured in this issue. A lot of totally bizarre, totally gianormo knitwear:

Obviously this look is only appropriate for runways and fashion spreads. Wouldn't it be fun to knit, though? Get a big 'ole bag of roving and a couple of baseball bat sized needles and spend an hour whipping up a dress? How do I get people to pay me $3675 to do that?

In the slightly less "extreme" category, I noticed another woolly trend:

I suppose it's a little more wearable than the giant green dress. Then on another page I saw something strikingly similar:

A purse that looks like a sheep-dog. Interesting. (As far as I'm concerned it's infinitely less offensive that that god-awful Louis Vuitton print.) It looks like it would be easy to knock-off (But would you want to?) I think it's intended for fashionistas that don't want the responsibility of a miniature dog, but still want to appear to be carrying a small animal.

The best knitty business in Vogue this month, was actually an article ABOUT knitting:

A Vogue staffer learns how to knit and makes herself a Twinkle tunic much to the astonishment of her coworkers; "I can't believe you made that!" I certainly appreciate the reference to knitting as a "haute hobby". Score one for the knitting public profile!


Reckless Glue said...

I wouldn't be surprised if she:

gets one of those bags in the works! she did a great fake feragamo bag...

They also just did a big thing on cityline this morning about giant chunky knits being in vogue.

knitography said...

Weird! Those first two photos look like photo-shoppy magic to me. It looks like small-ish knits photoshopped onto the model so that it will look huge...I have to say that I often find Vogue interesting for the inspiration, but I agree with your take on it being a bit of an alternate reality.

Christie said...

Giant knitwear. You'd have to get one of those space bag vaccuum thingys just to store those!

Um...and the purse looks like little dingleberries that hang off dogs. Kinda...less than chic?

Alice said...

*runs and hides from the scary mutant knitwear monsters*