Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The joys of new toys

"Why do birds, suddenly a-ppear..."

I did it. I bit the proverbial bullet and just bought a new one. Going from a 20GB, 4th generation ipod, to an 80GB video ipod is like Dorothy stepping into the technicolour land of Oz.

VIDEO podcasts. Whee!!!

I also picked meself up the new copy of Bust (you all read Bust, right?) and looky here:

A whole D.I.Y. fashion spread! Of course, having an editor like Debbie Stoller means there is tonnes 'o knitwear representin':

I was all "Check that hat!" and then I was all "Runway knits? Rad! I totally own that book!" (Okay, I don't actually talk like that, but sometimes I imagine I do. Sometimes I also like to imagine I talk like an old-timey movie "shtah"... "Now, you look here now, you see?"...stuff like that.)

And in the interest of saving the best for last. I. AM. FINALLY. ON. RAVELRY.
We're definitely not in Kansas anymore.


Christie said...

I'm going to have to check out that issue. Too cool!

New iPod! Yeah! I need to suck it up and upgrade too!

knitography said...

Congrats on surviving the wait to get on Ravelry! It's an awesome tool - I'm well on my way to addiction!

Reckless Glue said...

god. when will I be on ravelry?! I am vaguely afraid of the impending addiction.

nicole said...

A)shiney new ipod! wheee! I think when the time comes to upgrade from my tiny nano to something bigger my head will explode!

B)I have some of those same vintage knitting books & I for sure am aching to knit that weird twiggy-ish fedora

C)Where's the swing jacket?

D)EEP! That *was* me you saw! I wish I saw you! But that wasn't my mister, that was my co-workie.

The Nutritionista said...

you look purdy in that picture