Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keep on keepin' on

I know I haven't posted in a while, but the fact is, I've been entirely uninspired with my knitting. Why?

This little monster is taking forever. It's a big bag of no-fun too. I thought knitting stripes would be a good way to use up some stash yarn. Yeah! Sure I'm using up the yarn, but the ends! Oh god, the ends! (I gave up carrying the other yarns behind as I feared wee baby hands would get tangled in the loops.) I've been trying to weave in those pesky ends as I go, but it's beyond tedious. And then there's this:

I forgot about the whole stripey/joggy business when knitting in the round. (By the time I noticed, it was to late to rectify.) The endless ends, the sloppy seams, and the teeny gauge has turned this project from "I'll just whip off a little baby sweater" into "For the love of all things holy why is this not yet finished?!!!".

My other projects are treating me a little better, but they're not without their flaws. The Springtime in Paris sweater:

It's coming along. The first part of the pattern is just a giant brioche stitch rectangle. It's become my movie-with-subtitles knitting. Unfortunately, the mindlessness has led to a few boo-boos:

Oh, snap! This one really bothers me:

I'm going to try to live with it as it's only a few inches away from the cast on edge. (Ripping out that much knitting is not an option!) It would probably be a little further along if I hadn't went and cast on this:

Damn you Drops and your cutie-patootie free designs! I thought the cables would be fun. And they were... until I began questioning their correctness:

Hmm. Does that look messed to you? I'm not very well versed in cable knitting, so maybe it's just fine. I stopped and knit a swatch of the cable pattern to check if I had somehow mis-read the chart. It looked exactly the same as my knitting. It's possible that there's a mistake in the pattern as it's the first edition, but enh? Maybe it's just me.

So there you have it. My gallery of disappointments. (I know it won't last, so bear with the Eeyore attitude until things turn around.)

On the upside, I fenangled my Phildar Swing Jacket and I like it much better. I even wore it in public - whee! Pictures soon!


Reckless Glue said...

oh but I laughed about that baby sweater!

I have issues at the "join" (or whatever that's called...) when knitting in the round as well. No matter how tight I pull there (and there are times (particularly with the stupid angora) when I just rip the yarn right apart and want to SCREAM, but still not tight enough apparently to prevent that ladder-looking effect.

I find it so annoying.

Christie said...

The dress really looks your style! Very cute!

Um...something does look off with that cable, but it will probably work itself out. Sometimes the look goofy , but look perfect a few rows away.