Monday, August 06, 2007

Leader of the Pack

F.O. y'all!

Yet again, there is no one around to help me take pictures. Luckily, this has worked out to be the best self-portrait session I've ever had:

Gotta love the bobble-head effect of an aerial point of view. But check this out:

The side!

The back!

I don't know how I managed to get descent shots with the 'ole reach-yer-arm-out-and-click routine, but it makes up for the hell that was the knitting process.

This vest should have been an easy knit, but I sure had a lot of trouble with it. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it may have been my penchant for knitting lace in less than ideal situations. Lace requires concentration. Concentration requires a certain level of peace and quiet. Knitting in front of the tv whilst enjoying a glass of wine? Not ideal knitting lace knitting situation.

Thankfully, the end justified the means (the means being multiple instances of ripping back and re-knitting). I freakin' LOVE this vest. I love the colour, I love the yarn, I love the way it looks on me. At long last, I have knit something I will wear! More than once! I can wear it in any season with almost anything I own! YAY!

Even better? I bought four skeins of Blue Sky Cotton to knit this with. I used just over one. (The pattern calls for Twinkle Cruise yarn knit quadruple - oops!) You could totally get a whole vest out of one skein with a little finagling.

Here's the deets;

Pattern: Biker Vest from Twinkle's Big City Knits by Wenlan Chia

: Blue Sky Cotton

: 613 Ink

: Denise Interchangeable 10mm


Reckless Glue said...

OMG that and you look great --and it went up so fast!

and thanx btw lady for the audiobooks --woo hoo --I haven't read any of that stuff (apart from the Sedaris books, natch).

Now I just need a new freakin ipod.

Christie said...

Let me say first that I LOVE your hair color.

The vest and the pictures look great!

BoWeevil said...

I just got the Twinkle book out of the library the other day and the Biker Vest is my favorite thing in it. Your vest is gorgeous and looks SO good on you!

I'm curious to know which Blue Sky cotton you used - I *think* there's different weights. It worked perfectly for the project. Do you happen to still have the ball band with the exact name and gauge from the label? Amazing about it only taking one ball!

Miss Muffy said...

Of course I still have the ball band! It says it's worsted weight. You might have to skip the last round of edging to get a whole vest out of one skein. Good luck!

BoWeevil said...

Thanks Miss Muffy! What amazes me is that even though the pattern calls for Extra Chunky (or 4 strands of Cruise held together), you still got the same gauge on the specified needles. You didn't do any doubling or anything else tricky you didn't mention in order to acheive that, did you?

Once again, vest, and you, look fabulous!

Miss Muffy said...

I don't think I even checked the gauge. There's a part in the book that has yarn substitution suggestions and it said any single strand worsted weight could be a substitute for "Cruise". I don't think gauge really make a huge difference in this pattern because it's 90% lace. Or maybe I just lucked out!

BoWeevil said...

I actually wonder if it looks better than the sample in the book's picture because you didn't make it super heavy. I'm not really experienced with lace, so have no idea why the gauge seems normal, but given that it's not much of an investment to buy 2 skeins of Blue Sky, I think I'm going to give it a whirl just the way you made it.

Thanks for the info!

knitizen said...

your biker vest looks amazing. i am so jealous. did you run into any problems with the pattern? i knit through the first 7 rows and did not have the right number of stitches. i did this 3 times! since yours came out beautiful, it must be me. any tips or mods you make the pattern work?