Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On the road again

Aw, shucks guys. Thanks for all the great feedback on my jacket and vest! I'm going to adjust a few things on the Phildar jacket which I think will settle my fit issues:

1) Remove collar and re-attach, tightening neckline,
2) Move the buttons closer together to rectify "boob gap"
3) Wash and block (again) - attempting to eek out more 'swing'

If that doesn't work, I'll just have to frog it.


This past weekend I found myself in the Ottawa Valley yet again. This time visiting my parents with my bro and our friend Jenny. I thrifted my ass off. In fact, we all did. The car on the way home looked like this:

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know how the rest goes:

More fabric.

More patterns.

More needles...

...and yarn.

Is this growing old yet? I really don't know where to put all of this stuff. I'm just showing you the craft related scores, you don't even know about the records and clothes. Eek! Thank god my boyfriend has the same thrifting affliction. Otherwise I'd have to try and get by giving him one of these:

(Tee-hee! It followed me home!)

My knitting progress is nothing to write home about, but how's about a little silversmith update? I have a couple of things to finish up at my last class, but check this out:

My ring is complete! It fits perfectly and I've been wearing it constantly. I'm not accustomed to wearing such a big honkin' stone on my hand, but I'm diggin' it. Go big or go home!

Speaking of going home, we had an interesting turn of events on the way back to Toronto. Ever run out of gas?

Oops! I guess more people take that "low fuel" warning light a little more seriously. (It was a rental - how were we to know?) If there was ever a good way to run out of gas, this was it. Having inadvertently breezed by a rest stop exit, we got off the highway as soon as we could in search of a gas. We made it about 2 kilometers before the tank ran dry. We coasted around a corner and low and behold, appearing in the distance... an Ultramar sign! It was an Ultramar gas station! We were saved! As we coasted into the parking lot we realized it wasn't a gas station at all, but a pick up terminal for trucks that transport gas. Dang! Pretty close, though right?

Sure enough, a very friendly gentleman in a hard hat was there who offered to take us to the next gas station. As he left to find a gas can we couldn't believe our luck. Someone to help and we wouldn't even need to buy a gas can! Then our Ultramar angel returned with the can. Full. He said he found it lying around and proceeded to fill our tank with 4 litres of blessed, wonderfull life giving gasoline. Whee!

Let this be a lesson to you all. Ignore your car's low fuel indicator and everything will work out just fine.


Eve said...

I have a shirt that cleveraly solves the boob gap problem by adding a hidden smaller snap button at the gap to close it. It works fantastically! And then you don't have to move button holes and such. Maybe that's an idea?

Reckless Glue said...

too funny, right before we bought the car, Marnie and I ran out of gas with a rental on a shopping trip to Montreal. I hate it when they give you the tank only half full to begin with...stupid gas guzzler!

Vaedri said...

Great haul!

I have run out of gas - many times. Way back in the nineties, I was driving an '81 Malibu with a busted fuel gauge. I eventually started carrying a half-can of gasoline in the trunk at all times, and got to be an expert at tipping it into the tank in the middle of traffic. High school was fun. :)

Christie said...

I'm so filing that little gem of inspiration.

The ring is awesome! Great job!

nicole said...

your thrift haul has me seriously aching for thrifting outside of this bloodsucking city...augh! I'm cringing with jealousy!
And your swing jacket! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!