Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yarn avalanche


I have too much yarn. I am trying to save money. Why then did I come home today with a big bag of yarn?

You see, Lettuce knit was having a 10% off all sock yarn thing going on today (bastards!). And the money saving? I'm going to France in October (Yay! Home of Phildar!)) I need money for France, true, but don't I also need a brand new Clapotis? How can a knitter visit France and NOT wear a Clapotis? That's like going to France and not eating a baguette!

This Lornas Laces will do nicely thank-you. My first clapotis, though lovely, was neither full-sized, nor did it coordinate nicely with my winter coat. Part deux shall be magnifique! (Must brush up on my sad, broken French)

What happens when I leave the yarn store? I pass by a yard sale and immediately spot a bag of yarn. Two dollars! I basically just bought it for this:

Mmm... Rowan. Most off the bag was acrylic which I will pass on to someone else. I have to prioritize the yarn stash if I want to continue to contain it in a reasonable manner. I'll yarn-diet tomorrow, I swear!



As I was editing this post, the phone rang. "Hey, Julia? This is Megan from Lettuce Knit". Not only did I take advantage of the sale today, I also entered a draw to win prizes from South West Trading Company. I won!

A Tidal Wave socks pattern with a skein of Tofutsies in a pretty pink and white barber pole colour (#735). NOICE! There's magic in that store I tells ya. MAGIC!


Vaedri said...

What a great haul! I am sad in my stash but grateful in my wallet that I didn't know about that particular sale.

Reckless Glue said...

wow---France?! when, what for? vay-cay? lucky ducky :)

Christie said...

Congrats on winning! And of course you need a beautiful Clapotis! Don't be foolish!

Miss Muffy said...

France? Yes.
When? Oct.19-30
What For? Why not?
Lucky Ducky? Yes.