Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nuit blanche

Toronto is sleeping in this morning after staying up all night. Nuit Blanche was in full effect last night and I spent the evening in Zone C soakin' up the culture on Queen West. I'm sure there will be many Nuit Blanche reports in blogland, so I'll keep it brief. My favourite exhibit?

by Janet Morton. The same artist that brought us the knit house cozy, gussied up the Beatrice Lillie Health Centre with an explosion of pink, red and orange. She crocheted over 200 flowers for the piece:

Fibre, flowers, feminism - what's not to love?My second favourite?

Abomasum by Rachel E McRae
. A semi-hollow chocolate stag at the gates of Trinity Bellwoods park. I only wish I had been around at 2am when everyone got to eat it! In a perfect world, all art would be either fibre or chocolate-related. Speaking of fibre...

My week hasn't been completely devoid of knitting. I think I've finally got the knack of cabling without a cable needle:

I'm constantly thrilled to see the twists and turns seem to magically grow from my needles. This cable business might become habit forming!


Reckless Glue said...

very cool--and that sweater's lookin' awesome! grey baby, grey.

Macoco said...

That house is amazing! Man and that stag looks delicious!

And your cables are fab too, naturally ;)