Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's official: It's sweater time.

I'm not sure what the official first day of autumn is supposed to be, but as far as I'm concerned, it's here. Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures last week, I can't ignore these tell tale signs:

1) Geese flying south (Nooo! Come back! You're Canada geese!)

2) Leaves most definitely turning colour (not just my imagination or a trick of the light)

3) People are beginning to bust out the sweaters.

Sweaters! Panic is setting in. I have to knit a whole new wardrobe of sweaters! Okay, I know this is unreasonable, but does anyone else feel this way? The feeling that you are somehow betraying your craft if you buy a commercially made sweater?

I might not be on my way to a entire wardrobe of sweaters just yet, but I've made a good deal of progress on at least one;

How cool are cables?

If there is anything good about holiday traffic extending a bus ride for an extra two hours (shudder, eye twitch), it's the knitting time. A few hours into my ride, podcasts a playin', needles 'a flyin, I decided to sit back and admire my handiwork. Gasp! A big fat mistake right where I had picked up my knitting hours before! See?!

Okay, maybe you don't see. See?!

The whole row is messed! I showed it to the b.f. to see if he could spot it. He didn't. I was momentarily placated, but what did he know? He's not a knitter! I decided to put the project away for a while until I could seek a second opinion. Luckily we were on our way to see his parents and his mother is fine and experienced knitter. She found the mistake, but not right away, and only after a few hints. Prognosis? Benign. I've decided to live with it.

While I was chewing on the the "to rip, or not to rip" question, I cast on Gretel.

More Cables!

I'll share the saga of the tubular cast on later. Many big sloppy thanks to Cara for providing me with needles to start knitting this on the bus ride back. And check out the groovy stitch markers she gave me:

I heart to knit. Well, obviously!


Reckless Glue said...

you are cable crazy! I am lovin' that gretel beret...the green is awesome--that may have to go in my cue as well~

lekkercraft said...

I don't think it looks bad. I'd never notice it unless you pointed it out to me! But you know, i recently listened to a knit picks podcast (on dropped stitches) that said you could unravel down a cable and then just re-knit that section up again to fix the cable. I don't have much experience with cables so I don't know how difficult that might be, but it could be worth a google.

Amy said...

I made those markers! Cara bought them from my Etsy shop last week. I was so shocked when I saw them here.

This is not doing much for those who think everyone in Canada knows each other.

Miss Muffy said...

Lekkercraft - Yeah, I heard that podcast too. Unfortunately, this mistake is a skipped row. I don't think there's anything I can do to fix that without ripping all the way back. Believe me, I've explored all my options! Thanks for the suggestion!

Amy - Cara and I knew each other long before we started knitting. I guess it looks weird though 'cause we don't even live in the same city! It's a long story. I don't know everyone in Canada... yet.

fibersnob said...

I'm going a bit twitchy trying not to cast on nine sweaters after today's weather. Thankfully I have one almost done to satisfy me at lease temporarily.

I'd fix the mistake but we both know how anal I am with stuff like that.

Amy said...

I also live in Ottawa. Cara didn't realize I lived here when she bought them but we've actually been in contact before. Craziness.

Vaedri said...

I definitely feel like I'm cheating when I buy a sweater off the rack. But I don't knit sweaters (yet?), so there's really not much I can do about it.

Loving your cables!