Thursday, October 04, 2007


Today began as "one of those days". I awoke, groggy, to a bleak and foggy morning. With no energy to pull together any kind of cute outfit, I grabbed an old faithful shirt and pulled on some jeans. Adequately attired, I made my way to the kitchen only to discover I was not only out of cereal, but the breadbox contained just a single slice of bread.

Fine. Once piece of toast would do.

I took a new jar of peanut butter of the shelf, hugged it close as I struggled with the stubborn lid, then watched in horror as it exploded much like old faithful the geyser, onto old faithful the shirt.

Fine. I could change my shirt.

Walking down the hall to the bedroom closet, I felt something cold and wet seep into my sock. Cat vomit!

Fine. I could change my socks.

Sporting fresh socks, and a new (not so faithful) shirt I left for work somewhat hungry and somewhat grumpy. Three times during my commute I was cut off by cars pulling over to stop illegally in front of coffee shops (I passed two Starbucks and two Tim Horton's - maybe I should find another route). Furiously ringing your bicycle bell after watching your life flash before your eyes is not as satisfying as one would think.

After safely arriving at the office, I reached for my trusty coffee thermos only to realize... it wasn't there. I know I had brought it with me. I distinctly recalled the thermos clanking around in my bike basket while I braved life threatening rush hour traffic. There was only one answer: it was still in the basket.

Yup, sure enough, I had left the thermos unattended in the parking lot for a full fifteen minutes. (Do I really need to convince people I'm not ready to have children?) I drank the coffee, all the while convinced it had somehow been tainted with urine or crack or god forbid: replaced with decaf.

The day could only get better from here.

After checking my email, I think it did. For one? Mystery solved:

Dear Julia,

We recently were informed by Wenlan's book publisher about the comment
posted in your blogs about your winner's gift certificate and gift.
Just to clarify, your yarn and knitting needle gift package was sent the
same day as the $20 gift certificate. The gift certificate was sent through
email and package was sent via UPS ground so you received the certificate a
few days before the package. All previous winners receive the same gifts as
you did.

Twinkle by Wenlan

Yes, important book publishing designer types do read my blog! Now go and enter that contest - you can win yarn!

Two? I got a nice email from a friend reminding us all to be grateful for everything that is good in the world after she had a wonderful day that was no doubt, the polar opposite of the morning I had just experienced. She finished her message with eight things she was thankful for, and in the spirit of thanksgiving, I'll do the same. In no particular order, I am grateful for:

1)Friends, family and the b.f. I would be a total mess without the fabulous network of people around me.

(Thank-you for being a friend!)

2) Toronto and Canada. I live in a fabulous city, in a fabulous country. There's nothing like watching the world news to remind yourself - oh yeah, it's pretty great here.

3) My health. You know how when you have a cold or flu and you feel like you're going to die and you curse yourself for taking all of those healthy days for granted? Yeah.

4) Feminism. Thanks to my feminist foremothers, no one pinches my bum at work and the only person I have to fetch coffee for is myself (even if it's been left in a parking lot).

5) Modern technology. I think we often forget this one, especially when things go wrong and your computer decides to eat your files. Take a moment to remember: the Internet is a marvelous thing.

6) Good tunes. The music industry may be going to hell in a hand-basket (Do we really need a Spice Girls reunion?) but there are still people out there making my ears happy.

7) Good grub. Not only am I not starving in some war-torn country, I actually get to choose from a bounty of delicious delicacies every time I eat.

8) Knitting. (Duh!) In all seriousness though, I'm thankful that I have a hobby that gives me so much happiness. Knitting is stress relieving, productive and has introduced me to a lot of fantastic people.



kgirl said...

I LOVE your list of thankful things!

Hurrah for our feminist mothers too - I'm so grateful for them, and try to remember to thank them daily.

It's made me happy that your day finished better than it began, too, because i always like it when people finish on a positive take!

(and I'm sure they didn't piss in your coffee, ha ha!)

Reckless Glue said...

awww what a great post! It's really made me realize what a cranky bitch I am lately.

Christie said...

Thanks, I needed this...especially today.

Vaedri said...

That is a great list. Thanks for the reminder that today's about a bit more than cooking and cleaning. (and eating. Mmm.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Macoco said...

I hope you had a great thanksgiving! Your story made me laugh. I hope your mornings are far less eventful for a while!