Monday, October 15, 2007

Totally not Tubular

Well chitlens, there hasn't been a lot of progress on my W.I.P's of late, but I believe I owe you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of knitting a Gretel beret...

(Alright, I know I can't keep up with that fairytale format, so let's just cut to the chase.) The pattern calls for a tubular cast on. Unfamiliar with the technique, I looked it up eager to learn a new skill. Hurray for new skills! Lucky for me, Ysolda has clear, concise instructions on her website and I followed them to the best of my ability.

Cast on attempt #1: Somewhat shakey. The technique requires you to cast on half the number of desired stitches, and through the magic of it's tubular ways, you end up with double that number, ie: final stitch count. You follow? I somehow ended up a few stitches short. No worries. At first you don't succeed and all that jazz, right?

Cast on attempt #2: Deceptive. Confident I had learned from my previous mistake I casteth on again and soldiered forward. Ribbing complete, cabling underway, I was a knitter in fine form. Then I stopped to admire my handiwork. That ribbing looked awfully tight... There was no way the hat was fitting over my noggin. For a brief moment I considered perhaps my head was abnormally large. No, no, it was the cast on that was too small. Dang!

Cast on attempt #3: Hasty. I decided to abandon the tubular business and use the long tail method for the sake of finishing the beret before my golden years. A few rows in I discovered I had twisted by stitches when I joined to knit in the round. I was in the process of knitting an experimental Moebius beret.

Cast on attempt #4: Unfortunate. Wrong number of stitches.

Cast on attempt #5: Success!

Sure, it may not be as pretty as the tubular cast on, but a pretty edge that won't fit on my head won't do me much good, now will it? I swear I won't let the technique get the best of me. Next time, it's tubular all the way! Now to figure out a way to rid the yarn of latent mohair fluff:

In it's former incarnation, this yarn was a scarf, knit together with a strand of white mohair. (Don't ask, it was one of my first projects) I salvaged the yarn, but now I have green yarn with white fluff and white mohair with green fluff. Despite the fluff issue, so far, so good with our gal Gretel. I'm aiming to finish is before my vacation.

Speaking of my vaycay -I'm hoping you've all forgotten that I planned to knit myself a new Clapotis before heading off to France, because I sure did! The project started like gangbusters but soon fell to the wayside. I made a big boo-boo in the pattern and rather than face the ripping back, I abandoned it. Tee-hee! Now that my deadline is looming I have come to accept that A) knitting problems do not fix themselves when given some time alone, and B) the scarf will most certainly not be complete by Friday. I'm okay with that. In fact, I'm so okay with it, I think I'm going to rip out the whole darn thing and knit this instead. I just need to rename it something French. The baguette scarf? Suggestions welcome!

Only three more sleeps till Paris. Mon Dieu!


Reckless Glue said...

l'echarpe d'fromage, of course! I love this pattern. I am totally about to go hat/snood/beret crazy all over the m-f place!

Macoco said...

That's too bad about the clapotis! I keep hoping that my projects with mistakes will magically fix themselves, but it hasn't happened yet :(

I love the swiss cheese scarf, I've had my eye on it for a while!