Friday, November 09, 2007

C'est Tout

It's been a week since I returned from France and reality is setting in. Bread seems lackluster. Wine consumption is low. I've seen far too many people sporting sweatpants. On the upside: there's knitting!

I saw exactly two other people knitting the whole time I was in France. One lady, knitting a fine gauge fair aisle baby hat, I spotted at the airport. A French knitter? She may have spoken French, but alas: Quebecois. She turned out to be a fellow passenger on my flight - a Canadian. The other knitter was spotted on my train from Monaco to Paris. She was knitting away at a hideous orange scarf with what seemed like 10 different kinds of novelty yarn. Yikes! I thought French women were famous for their fabulous taste in scarves! Upon further inspection (giving her a once-over while on my way to the loo) it appears she wasn't French at all, but Italian (no offense to Italian women and their taste in scarves). I know knitting in France is not as "cool" as it is in North America, but I thought I might spot at least one in her native habitat!

The serious lack of French knitters may explain this little number:

A child's sweater hanging in the window of a Paris boutique. So what, right? The nice thing about window shopping in France, is that the prices are always displayed as well:

270 EUROS!!! That's $373 Canadian dollars! Now I know we've all seen something in a store and thought; "I could make that", but c'mon! It's a garter stitch cardigan! Even in cashmere it's overpriced!

But I shan't bully the French. They may have great food and great fashion, but their knitterly deficit has them paying through the nose for baby garb. Quel Dommage!

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Reckless Glue said...

when I first looked at that photo I thought : "is Julia drawing shelves onto her walls now?"
I am dumb.