Friday, November 16, 2007

Game on!

The cable and rib dress is no more. I really don't have any issues with ripping it out. Sure I spent a lot of time knitting it, but what's the point in holding on to something I'm never going to wear? Plus, now I can make the yarn into something that I WILL wear. And that means more knitting! Win/win!

I'm playing a game of match-the-yarn-to-the-sweater. Here's the yarn:

Here's the sweaters:

I can't say I'm winning. Some of the yarn is from thrift stores, and while it came with labels, they're old-timey:

Old-timey labels don't tell you yardage or gauge (at least these don't). So I've got twelve ounces of this stuff. Great! Thanks label! After many calculations and educated guesses I just bit the bullet and went with the tried and true: the measuring tape. Now I know that one ounce = 65 meters (and one helluva tedious measuring process.) Now it's swatchy time!

At least I know the yardage with my Twinkle yarn, yet I'm having trouble deciding on a pattern. Maybe you can help me out?

My vote for most figure-flattering:

Belle Cardigan

My vote for most fashionable:

Shopping Tunic

My vote for most practical:

Rockefeller Sweater

What's your vote?


Reckless Glue said...

I voted for Belle, tho shopping tunic will probably be a nice easy/fast knit...

Anonymous said...

Belle Cardigan, most definitely. I think it's the most figure-flattering of the three, and looks like it would be a relatively fun and easy knit.