Friday, November 02, 2007

Gretel Goes to Paris (and me too!)

She explores the Bastille!

Drinks bubbly French water!

Frequents cafes!

Takes the Metro!

Contemplates cheese!

Regards modern architecture!

Goes to a rock club!

Sees the sights!

Gretel and I had a great time in France! She kept my noggin toasty while I trotted around Paris getting lost and eating cheese (not that one has much to do with the other). I won't go on and on about my vacation (after all, this is supposed to be a knitting blog, right?), but I will say this: A lot of what you may think of France is true: The food? Outta sight. Fashion? French people, on average, are much better dressed than their North American counterparts (Not a ball cap or sweat pant in sight!). Cafes? On nearly every corner. And the wine? Not only delicious, but cheaper than Snapple (well, sometimes). Need I say more?

The trip was not without it's snafu's. We had just a teensy bit of trouble getting home. Upon checking in for our 3pm flight on Tuesday, we were informed that our flight had been delayed - Until 6am the next day! (Of course they told us this after they checked our bags.) We were told to wait for more information. Then the 6am flight turned into 10am. Then 10am turned into 3pm. 3pm Thursday.

People were furious. One couple was supposed to move the next day. One girl, a law student, was missing a very important exam. Another girl was going to miss her brothers wedding! Needless to say, the staff at Charles de Gaulle were very lucky to have a plane-load of stranded Canadians. Angry as we were, we retained our composure. The airline paid for hotel accommodation and meals, but it was a long and tedious process. To top it all off, when we finally landed in Toronto, we had to wait 45 minutes for our baggage! The airline customer service department is going to be very busy this week.

My luck turned around when I got home and checked the mail finding this waiting for me:

The 25th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine had a little contest where if you sent them a postcard with your address, you could win one of 25 copies of their new book. My good luck with knitting related contests is starting to frighten me!


Reckless Glue said...

first of all--the trip looks amazing, great photos. I am soooo jealous.
second of all: you won ANOTHER effing contest?! I'm starting to get annoyed.

Miss Twiss said...

You look like you belong in Paris!

Macoco said...

Your trip looks like it was absolutely fantastic. And you are a lucky gal to get that book!

firefly said...

je suis tres jalouse!