Monday, November 19, 2007

The Jury has spoken

Belle it is!

I cast on Saturday night, and I'm well over half-way complete, despite having to run out and buy a new set of needles (12mm seems to be a very unpopular size).

I can't tell you how much I love this yarn. ...Okay, yes I can! I LOVE THIS YARN! Even knowing that it will probably see more pills than Marilyn's last days (the actress, not the sweater), I love it all the same. It's unbelievably soft - something that seems to be missing in the super-bulky yarn department. It has this squishy cotton ball type quality that makes me want to build a nest with it (Mmm...yarn nest). In the meantime, I'm happy to use the yarn for it's intended purpose, click clacking away with my surgical looking 15mm addi turbos.

To bide my time while awaiting the poll results, I cast on a couple of other tidbits.
The first, the "house slippers" from Knit 2 Together. My first felting project! The pattern is a great stash buster (I knit the yarn double) and despite a slightly confusing section in the pattern I finished them up in no time. Not owning a washing machine meant the fulling process would be a little more challenging. They languished in the laundry pile for a few days, but eventually the slippers enjoyed a full cycle in both the washer and dryer. Here are the slippers before:

Here they are after.

What the...? They hardly look any different at all! And they're knit from Lopi, possibly the stickiest of itchiest of wools! Given all the time and care I put into not turning my woolen garments into big lumps of felt, I feel a little cheated that these slippers survived the wash virtually unscathed. (Not to mention my boyfriend did the laundry. Usually a sure-fire way for a girl to get shrunken clothing.) I assume the lack of appropriate felting was a result lack of appropriate agitation. (For the slippers that is. My agitation is just fine.)

While it's back to the laundry pile for the slippers, I'm also working on a scarf:

This is the second time I've picked out a Barbara Walker pattern and attempted to knit up a scarf with this yarn and for the second time I'm just not feeling it. What I am feeling is the chill of the rapidly approaching winter. If there's anything that can motivate a knitter, it's the threat of a cold neck. As blog as my witness, this yarn will become a scarf this winter!


laura said...

I'd love to see the twinkle yarn in person... hint, hint.

Sometimes white yarn doesn't felt because it's been bleached, and in the process, superwash-ed.

Also, it looks like the slippers were knit pretty tightly - usually you have to knit things to be felted really loosely (a couple needle sizes up) and thus, very large. If there isn't any space between the stitches, the fabric won't felt.

Miss Muffy said...

Thanks Laura - You're such a yarn expert!! Looks like I need to stop by LK sometime soon...

Reckless Glue said...

stash bustin' slippers? hmmm I think i need to try those myself!

(yet another copycat item!)