Sunday, November 04, 2007

More Francing: Lyon

At some point during this vaycay I started to refer to any activity we engaged in as "Francing". You know, like "prancing" but... French. After a few days of Francing in Paris, we headed to Lyon. Lyon is known to be the gastronomic capitol of France:

I know, right? But apart from the food, it also has a long silk weaving history. I stopped by the La Maison des Canuts, to check out some silky business:

Along the way, something found it's way into my companion's pocket.

A silk cocoon! He claims he the bowl of cocoons were free handouts, but I find that questionable. Regardless of it's aquisition, it's still a far better souvenir than the overpriced silk scarves they were selling in the gift shop.

While there was no yarn in sight at the silk museum, I stumbled upon some elsewhere while just francing around:

From a distance it looked like any other store in Lyon, but we can all sense yarn from a mile way right? Upon closer inspection, the window displays confirmed my suspicions:

La Droguerie is a chain of French stores that sell buttons, beads, and yes, yarn!

The yarn was displayed on the wall in hanks, and sold by weight. This meant having to actually ask someone to help me... in French. I'm quite proud that I made it through the transaction and the salesgirl actually understood my "franglais".

Regarder - petits oiseaux!:

(Secret unbloggable baby project to be revealed as soon as baby itself revealed)

Un kit:

The package includes 17 different colours of alpaca and a larger skein of bamboo to make a striped scarf or fingerless gloves (pattern included).

And my favourite:

Two skeins of bamboo in the most gorgeous indigo colour. I love the colour so much I want to eat it! (Luckily, I had that baguette in the background) I don't have a project in mind, but I'm thinking something scarf-y. Unfortunately I have no idea what the yardage/gauge etc is. (I know there are ways to find out such things, but the added bother will mean I'll probably just wing it and risk disaster)


La premiere preggers friend has brought a new baby girl into the world! Congrats Derek and Gabby! Your offspring shall be swaddled in knitwear as soon as I get my paws on her!


Reckless Glue said...

so much yumminess!

Courtney said...

Love that color blue:-) It is sooooo beautiful!